Recent design & print projects

To our customers we’re not just printers. We’re more than that. We’re partners to their business, to their charity, to their community group. This is something we considered when starting the business back in 2009. We didn’t want to be a company that worked in isolation from the businesses we support and in doing so we have come to understand and enjoy the highs our business has helped create in our customers own businesses. As a company ourselves we’re incredibly proud of the work we produce. Whether that’s design, print or business advice dispensed over a coffee, everything our business outlines should be for the benefit of our customers. Use our experience of working with thousands of customers from all across the country to ensure you get the best quality and best value printing possible. Below we’re showcasing some of our recent design and/or print projects that the studio and production teams have created. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them and that they will inspire you within your own business projects. If you want to work with Kaizen, then get in touch and our customer service team will get back to you right away.

A0 Poster Printing For Ground Coffee

The team at Ground have worked with Kaizen since the beginning and we’ve watched them become one of Northern Ireland’s largest independent coffee chains. Their huge success comes not only to their consistent approach to marketing and advertising, but also the amazing quality products and service their own team provides. Most recently Ground Coffee have opened a new store in Lisburn, much to Connor & Marty’s glee! The poster above is one of a series of A0 posters Ground use each year to promote their in-store treat options. They are incredibly effective posters which rely heavily on the great photography Ground supplies.

DL Leaflet Printing for the Perch

A whole month of prosecco cocktails and offers at the Perch, Belfast are easily communicated with this beautifully designed (not our creative) DL Leaflet. The DL leaflet is also commonly known as ⅓ A4 size and this fits nicely on the tables and bar areas within the premises. The digital printing quality on this leaflet is second to none with our state of the art Xerox printers. Printed on a 350gsm uncoated card stock these leaflets are made to last the entire duration of the Prosecco month campaign and they do just that. Other common leaflet printing sizes for bars, restaurants and nightclubs include: A6, A5 and A4.

A3 posters for HSC NI

Over the course of the year we print many different types of posters. Some will only affect or be seen by a few people, others will affect the lives of millions of people. One such customer is the HSC who’s work affect almost everyone at some point in their lives. This beautiful example of A3 poster printing will be distributed far and wide across Belfast and the rest of Northern Ireland.

Brochure Printing for Clear Channel NI

This sales brochure for Clear Channel NI is not just some imagery and words on a page, but a tool to generate new business, reignite old business and to educate customers on new advertising opportunities right across Northern Ireland. Printed on a beautiful 170gsm silk paper, the colours utilised in the brochure printing design retain their vibrancy and almost jump off the page. We’re working with businesses just like yours creating the campaigns and print you see in the marketplace. Let our team of experts create your next project to deliver the results you want. Call our office on 028 9002 2474 or email us via the contact form.