A5 Notepad Printing

a5 notepad printing design agencyYou may not hear these phrases currently, but “Oh wow, where did you get that notepad?” and “that looks awesome, can I have one?” will be commonplace when you start offering notepads and desk pads to your clients. Certainly these are things we hear on a daily basis and many of our clients who order notepad printing regularly, comment on how well they are received by clients.

Things to avoid when buying notepads

There’s actually only a couple of things to be mindful of when buying notepads. The first is personalising the notepads too much and the second is putting “not enough” sheets in the notepad. These sound sensible enough, but they are often overlooked and it’s always good to have a little reminder of best practice.

Personalising the notepads too much

We fell foul of this ourselves the first time we printed notepads for Kaizen. We created a notepads specifically for our sales team and assumed the information needed would never change. As with all things in this world, everything changes and so our notepads were used less frequently than we’d hoped for. Today we recommend keeping notepads as simple as possible. Logo, contact details and lines to write information on. This way you get the largest opportunity to distribute the notepads right across the company.

Using too few sheets per notepad

If you are using your notepad for a 1 day conference or event, we’d recommend 20 sheets per pad, however if you plan to distribute your notepads to staff, clients and prospects, we recommend 50-100 sheets per notepad. Certainly 50 would be the most common quantity. This allows for a good period of use before needing to be resupplied.

How are notepads made?

First off we start with the printing process and a notepad is printed on a 120gsm uncoated paper stock. Perfect for writing on with any pen. Once the pages are printed, we count the pages into sets and place a backing board between each set. After clamping down the notepads, we glue the top edge with a special binding glue. Once the glue is set, we split the pads, trim off any excess glue and pack for shipping.

Branded notepads for customers

Except for the notepads our team use themselves, we hand out thousands of branded notepads to clients every year. They are so well received by clients, we have more than doubled our target distribution amount this year alone. In printing it’s not often we have great promotional items to give away freely, but notepads, desk pads and notebooks are certainly up there.

To order your notepad from us, please visit kaizenprint.co.uk and find the notepad product. From there, the process is relatively simple to follow. Place your order, upload your artwork and await delivery. If any any point you need our team to assist you, this is no issue at all. Simply email us via the contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

In addition to notepads, many clients also order A3 desk pads to give to those clients who require a much larger writing or branded surface area.