How to put up a roller banner

If you’ve never put up a roller banner before it can seem quite daunting. Where does this go? What does that do and what are the things on the bottom? This and “How to open roller banner” are both extremely common questions asked by our clients.

Usually when banners are collected from our production hub, we ask if you know exactly how to put up a roller banner. If not we’re only too happy to give a 2 minute demonstration and showcase the points to look out for when putting up a roller banner. An incorrectly installed roller banner may lean forward or not sit correctly. In general it will just not look right.

To ensure all our roller banners are put up perfectly each and every time, our design studio has also put together a fantastic one minute video detailing all the things you should look at or look for when putting up a roller banner.

Things to look out for when putting up a roller banner

Turning the feet out

Make sure the support poles are properly put together and attached properly at the base and top of the roller banner. At the base of the banner there is a little hole where the pole will naturally slip through. Below this, is a little button but the pole neatly slots into. Failing to slot the pole in the button will cause the banner to lean forward and look unsightly when in use. If your banner does lean forward, this will be a common reason why and is easily fixed.

Use the clip rail

Pull the banner from the clip rail and attach it to the top of the rail. When pulling the banner up, tilt it so you can easily reach the top. Stand the banner up straight and you’re done.

The take down

When you are finished with the roller banner, reverse the process outlined above and then slowly and neatly place into the padded carrier case for future use. One thing to bear in mind is that the spring within the roller banner mechanism is quite taught and so it is prudent to ensure that you hold the top of the banner tightly when directing it back into the bottom mechanism. Failure to do so will cause the banner to spring back in and rip and possibly break the system itself.

Unlike other roller banner suppliers, we use only the highest quality materials, inks and roller banner mechanisms. We’ve used the same suppliers for over 8 years for the one simple reason: Quality. As we print 1000s of roller banners each and every year, we need to ensure that we are 100% confident in every stage of our production process, from printing on a tear proof film to using only the highest quality adhesive tape to secure the banners to the mechanisms. There can be no failures in our systems and we remove as much chance as possible.

To order your roller banner please visit If you need a hand with design, then our roller banner design team will be only too happy to help also.