Why flyer printing works

At kaizenprint.co.uk we print millions of flyers each and every year. From little A7 leaflets right up to A3 folded flyers, our customers never cease to amaze us with their unbelievable marketing campaigns that really capture the essence of their business as well as clearly identifying the measures of success in each area. In addition to this our customers have become some of the most creative in creating opportunities to distribute their marketing flyers promoting their business or organisation.

Some of the most popular options of flyer distribution include:

  • handing them out with their products or services
  • door-to-door leaflet drops
  • placement within nightclubs pubs cafes and the likes
  • or simply posting these to the chosen databases

The result of a marketing campaign that combines all of the above will be much greater than one that is completely focused on one particular area.

What is a flyer?

To the uninitiated, a flyer is a little bit of paper with words and images on it. However it is

so much more. A flyer is a sales tool, a marketing opportunity, a way to communicate with customers and this is why your flyer is a reflection on you and your business. It is critical that every flyer is an accurate portrayal of your current business goals, as otherwise it could be money be misspent. If your brand is high end, use a high quality flyer. if you sell low value items then a thick card maybe overkill for your needs. We will always recommend a flyer suited to your business position rather than offering you only the highest cost options. As a litho and digital printer we offer a range of flyer printing options and paper types.

Designing the perfect flyer

Designing the perfect flyer is not for the faint hearted. Yes it may feel like money saved when not hiring a professional graphic designer, but in our extensive experience as a printing company, as marketers and salespeople ourselves. The purpose of a flyer is not just to have words and images on a page but for it to become an extension of your sales force. A well thought out flyer, with good copy, high resolution images and designed professionally is worth the investment.

Great design makes money poor design costs money.

Coupled with fantastic graphic design, understanding the content required on a flyer is critical to a campaign’s success. Having the correct information presented in

the right manner, will compound the opportunity for your flyers to have ultimate success. Whether they are delivered, posted or handed out in line with your marketing schedule. It’s prudent to not just have your flyer content proof read, but professionally written buy a copywriting expert.

Flyers are still our number one seller, even in this digital era, the reason they are so popular, is that they work. They’re not just effective as a marketing tool, but can become so much more through tweaks to design. They should convey your business ambitions, what value you are providing to potential customers and why they should use your services. Simply “sticking some words on a page” is not the right way to approach your marketing.

Flyer printing process

We print all are flyers on our Xerox digital Printing presses. By utilising state of the art equipment we can ensure that the quality and vibrancy of our prints is second to none. With great design, great printing and a considered approach to your marketing, you are in a fantastic position to have success within your marketing campaigns.

With tens of thousands of campaigns under our belts during our time in business we have learnt from the experiences, the successes and of course the failures of both our campaigns and our customers. This invaluable knowledge ensures that we can best serve you now and in the future.

To order your flyer printing from Kaizenprint.co.uk simply click on this link and start the buying process. if you need any help at all with the flyer design, you can contact our Graphic Design Studio, who will only be too happy to help create the perfect flyer design for your campaign.