Selfie Frame for Jude’s Hen Party

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We’re not quite sure who Jude is, but with 181,117 like on her hen party facebook page, I think Belfast is in for a shock. We jest, selfie frames for events, gigs and of course hen parties are becoming one the most sought after props for all manner of events. We’re delighted to have create a stock range of amazing selfie frame templates for our clients to use.

What is a selfie frame?

Selfie frames have become very popular over the last 24 months. A selfie frame is a styled graphic in the theme of your favourite social media platform, printed onto vinyl and applied to foamex. After application, we cut-out a “frame area”, so that photo’s can be taken in a selfie style with one person or a group of people. Selfie frames make fantastic photo opportunities and can be branded using a companies logo, website address and Company information. Alternatively a selfie frame can be completely designed in the style of a company’s branding. This is a great opportunity to command ownership of the frame and all the photos that are taken within it.

How to make a selfie frame?

Making a selfie frame is very simple….if you have the right tools equipment of course. Whenever you place your order on a website you’re prompted to upload the content and logo that you want to include on the design. Our team of graphic designers will then create your bespoke selfie frame design and proof this with you before proceeding to print. At this stage it’s extremely important to check for spelling mistakes as once in print, there’s no going back.

What equipment do you use when making a selfie frame?

At we utilise 3 large format printers with a combined output of a 500m of print a day. Our ability to to print en masse ensures our speed of service and quality are second to none. Our large format printers print print onto all types of media, but for selfie frames, we use

Matt self-adhesive vinyl (this reduces glare on photos when cameras flash). Once the graphics have dried for a suitable period of time, we apply the vinyl to 3mm foamex and then trim all around the edges with the guillotine. The inner trim to make the photo frame is done by hand as this ensures a perfect finish.

Selfie frame for bridal shower

One of the most common selfie frame orders we process is for hen parties or bridal showers. Selfie frames lend themselves perfectly to obtaining photos a fun and inviting manner. In the advent of the digital era, offline props can really set the scene and capture the mood of the moment. Other opportunities for using selfie frames include wedding parties, birthday parties and corporate events.

Selfie frame where to buy

Buy them from us!! We’ve shipped selfie frames right across the UK and Ireland from Bedfordshire to Belfast, Dublin to Donegal. As these products are lightweight, they are easily shipped to your destination address or to your home. If you’re part of a hen party visiting Belfast, then you are more than welcome to pick up your selfie frame from our office when you arrive in the city. Alternatively we can deliver within the Belfast city centre limits for a small charge.

Selfie frame and other props

In addition to selfie frames, our team are masters at creating other props for photo opportunities at weddings and hen parties. We’ve created life size cutouts of grooms to be, we’ve created 3ft burritos and wacky sunglasses. Our limitation is your imagination.

Selfie frame template

Our most common products are Instagram selfie frames, youtube selfie frames, Facebook selfie frames and Twitter selfie frames. As mentioned above, a business or charity can completely brand a selfie frame using their corporate colours and styling. This provides a huge opportunity to present your brand in a positive light across many social channels, far beyond the reach of your own properties.

Valentines selfie frame

In the run up to Valentine’s Day many restaurants and and venues take the opportunity to create their own bespoke Valentine’s selfie frame for use over this romantic period. By creating a photo opportunity for your customers to express their emotions and share this with their own networks presents your business in a positive light. This is a fantastic and cost-effective way to get your brand to a larger audience.

Selfie frame printing

We have designed and printed hundreds of selfie frames for private and corporate use. What makes our service better than our competition is our dedication to customer service and quality of our products. Our commitment to you when creating the perfect selfie frame is that we go the extra mile each and every time. We want to create a seamless service, so what that when you order your selfie frame, you can be confident in the product you will receive.

Selfie frame size

We’re often asked which size a selfie frame should I get for my event. The 3 standard sizes for selfie frames across the UK and Ireland are A2, A1 and A0 sizes. If the frame is to be used for photos containing 1-2 people then choose an A2 size. An A1 would be best suited for those photos aiming at 3-4 people. and A0 is perfect for larger groups One thing to bear mind with the selfie frame is that it may not be completely easy to transport. and I want for example is 594mm by 841mm and an A0 is 841mm by 1189mm. If you’re travelling on a plane make sure to selfie frame fits in your hold luggage as the airline may not accepted it has a carry on.

How long does a selfie frame take to print?

Selfie frames in general take two to three days for design and print with an extra day for delivery. We do have the opportunity to speed this process up a little bit, but we would need prompt approval on our proofs and full information including delivery address before we begin the project. To order your selfie frame, please visit our Selfie Frame page and follow the instructions. After completing your order please email us your logo or profile photo along with the text you want included.