How to Create a Coherent Brand on Social Media

Here at Kaizen Print, we work with clients in various industries and businesses. We offer a wide range of services that can help business create a coherent brand, such as Logo Design and Brand Creation because we love seeing a brand come to life!

In today’s digital landscape, the need for a brand to stand out has become increasingly important as consumers are given a plethora of choice. So what does it mean to create a coherent brand, and why is this important?

See our top tips below:

What is a coherent brand?

Branding isn’t just what you can see – logos, colour palette, using a certain typeface or tone of voice. It’s also the intangible assets; the perception and emotions related to your brand created through the ‘brand experience’.

A brand is your businesses reputation. Fashion clothing brand GAP learnt the hard way when they decided to change their iconic, and loved logo. Loyal customers created a massive backlash – the new logo lasted a mere 6 days!

Some businesses find it easy to portray their brand in the physical world. In the virtual world, they can struggle to show themselves how they want to be seen.

It needs to be in the physical and digital world

It’s not enough for you to know who you are when speaking to somebody in your shop. Your brand is everything you stand for – it should come naturally. 

Are you sophisticated? Are you fun? Are you classic? 

Questions like this help you determine everything from the typography used on marketing materials, to colours used in your branding and to how you speak on social media!

So how can I do this on social media?

You can create a set of hashtags relating to your business or industry. Instagram has a maximum limit of 30. So to engage the correct audience you could research and discover the best set to use. Once you’ve found them, you can add them to your notes and copy them for each image (of course changing them sometimes). 

It’s pointless using #graphicdesignlovers if your business is a coffee shop. You will have ‘false’ likes and you’ll be unable to measure real engagement. You would get best engagement from #coffeeshop #coffeeholic #coffeehouse etc.

Ensuring coherent visual content is crucial – again if your business is a bar for millennials you’ll opt for quirky, bright images and videos that are eye capturing to the audience. You won’t use plain visuals that are unengaging. It simply doesn’t match the tone of voice or brand personality. You can also use the same filter for all pictures and create a grid theme to ensure consistency.

Determine your tone of voice. If you’re a business developer or business consultant you will opt for a professional, knowledgeable tone. If your business is a bar for millennials and university students, you’ll want to be fun and energetic.

Use a social media dashboard

This can be especially important to businesses where numerous people will be touching the social media accounts. It allows all content to be scheduled and provides a central hub where all content will be pushed out.

This can ensure consistency as every member of the team can see exactly what is being posted and get a feel for the theme of posting, what works and what doesn’t.

Create a theme

You may have seen many brands you follow creating a theme on their Instagram pages. This could be each picture being the same colour, or the middle row being a quote and the other two images relating to the business.

Your brand personality will again inform this.

All accounts must be the same … but different. They should all use the same colour theme for images and tone of voice for posts. But it is important to remember the differences of social media platforms. 

You can get creative with Instagram – quirky images and videos as well as stories.

Twitter is more of a conversational platform – you can post numerous times a day and comment on local news etc.

Facebook is a little less creative than Instagram, but less formal than Twitter!

If you want to post the same content across all channels be sure to remember to change it up a little i.e. in the caption. 30 tags on Twitter wouldn’t work, nor would it be beneficial on Facebook.

At Kaizenprint, we truly understand why branding is so important to businesses and that’s why we want to help. We encourage you to contact us if you have any print or design related queries. 

We are willing to share our wealth of knowledge with you – one of our experienced team will be more than happy to help!