How to Effectively Promote a Hair Salon

Are you thinking of starting a venture and opening your own hair salon? Do you already have a hair salon and are wondering how to get more people on your seats? 

At Kaizen Print, we regularly work with clients in the Hair and Beauty industry on print and design. We’ve helped promote salons for many years.

Here are our top tips that we think anybody with a hair salon should know when it comes to key promotional tools:

Offering discounts and loyalty cards

Loyalty cards can be a great way to retain clients and keep them coming back for more i.e. offering a free cut and blow dry on their tenth return.

If you know your customers are happy with your services, chances are they will be willing to share this with their friends and family. By offering a referral discount such as a £10 voucher for both parties, this will be an incentive for people to do so! Of course, if these new customers are happy you could encourage them returning by offering a loyalty card.

At Kaizenprint we offer loyalty cards because we believe if you aren’t rewarding loyalty you are losing business!

Social media portfolio

Social media can be an easy and effective way to promote your hair salon. If you already have a salon, chances are, so have your have highly skilled staff who create great cuts and colours, maybe even cool braids.

Positing images of your favourite hair styles leaving your salon can be a great promotional tool – it showcases your skills. Many people will have seen a picture of somebody’s hair and thought they liked it so enquired at the salon. Utilising this free tool is great because if people are drawn to your social media they will like, comment, post and share for other potential customers to see.

Hair salon businesses have especially capitalised by using Instagram as a way of showing drastic transformations e.g. a before and after of brown long hair changed to a short pink bob. These can go viral. Sped up videos especially work well in showing this! 

Start a blog

This simple tool can be a great way to get your hair salon seen. By creating blogs containing industry related tips, hair and beauty advice and event news etc. you will show your audience that you are knowledgeable in your field, and fun! You can exhibit your personality; this could be a turning point for people choosing between salons. 

Tip – Share across social pages to maximise reach.

Why would I need business cards? I’m a salon owner!

Well, you are also your own best advertisement. So many times we meet people who complement our hair or nails (we love those people). It’s the perfect way to add “Oh thank you, I had it done at my hair salon, here’s my business card, pop in if you’d like the same treatment!”

Your business card will need to have great branding to match who you are and stay memorable. 

Hosting parties

Work together with some other local businesses in your area to put on a pamper night. Looking for a good excuse to throw a party? Do it to celebrate your salon’s birthday. You could ask local bakers to create branded cupcakes, the local florist to do a selfie wall (utilising the instragrammable trend) and in return, create a goody bag which includes their business cards. It’s a great way to network with local businesses for mutually beneficial gain and to meet and greet new potential clients.

Run a competition

The rise of competitions on social media has become almost ‘the norm’ in today’s digital society. To create a sort of ‘viral’ effect you will need to create an image with a caption:

“Like our page, share this post, and tag 2 friends to be in with a chance to win a free cut and blow dry for your next girl’s night out!”

These work really well to gain new page likes – you could utilise this further with a beautifully branded header that says “Call us for a free consultation”. These call to actions are a clever, yet subtle way to draw in your audience.

At Kaizenprint, we not only offer high quality digital, litho and large format printing that are perfect for promoting your hair salon. We care about you.

Our hardworking design team can offer you a variety of personalised design services. Feel free to contact us – we care about you and always welcome any questions regarding your own design projects. 

Our range of promotional tools support your salon with everything from appointment cards, to our folded price lists, and our gift vouchers – we believe there is something for you. (P.S. did we mention our design team is award-winning?)