Brochures: How Much Information is Too Much Information

Brochures can be immensely beneficial to you and your business; however, it can be tough to know precisely what information should be included and to what extent.  Of course, you want to give consumers the information they need about your business and its merchandise, however, you don’t want to overwhelm them with too much.  It’s a delicate balance!  Let’s take a look at three points of information you should defiantly include and two points that are just a little bit too much!

LGBTQ+ Brochure by Kaizen Print

3 Important areas of Information

>Business Basics

>Contact Information

>Merchandise Basics 

Business Basic Information

When it comes to your brochures, the first thing that’s important to understand is that consumers are curious about your business.  They want to know and understand you before making any purchases.  Therefore, be sure to include background information about your business.  Perhaps how your business got started, who founded it and what your business is all about.  It’s vital that potential customers feel as if they’re creating a relationship with your business.  One idea is to, perhaps, have an “about us” page in the very front of the brochure.  This adds a truly personal touch to your brochure and can really hit home with readers. 

Contact Information

Although it might seem like a no-brainer, we’re here to tell you, contact information can make or break the success of your brochure!  One, if not the most important thing you want customers to take away from your brochure is how to contact you or where to find your business.  Therefore, it’s vital to remember to include your contact information in at least two to three places throughout your brochure.  Furthermore, it’s also important to ensure that your contact information is placed in smart places within your brochure.  For example, at the very beginning and at the very end are clever places for this fundamental information.  

Merchandise Basics 

Chances are, the people reading your businesses brochure, are interested in buying—they’re just not sure what yet.  So, they’re probably reading your brochure, trying to get a better understanding of what you sell and what purchase is right for them.  Therefore, be sure to include basic information about the merchandise you have to offer.  From the cost, to specific sizing, or colors, to basic information on the benefits of each piece of merchandise.  This is significant information for your consumers.

2 points of Information to Avoid

>Sales promotions

>Statistical Graphs/Charts 

Sales Promotions

When thinking of what information to leave out of your brochure, this is defiantly one of those areas.  Potential consumers are seeking out and reading our brochure to learn about your business and the merchandise you have to offer.  Focus on that, vital content rather than a sales pitches, which, are more appropriate for in-store interactions or flyers.

Graphs & Charts

Although one or maybe two (at most) are okay, try to avoid bombarding readers with statistical information.  Consumers want to see your products, with pictures and information on what purchase(s) are right for them, not heavy information that it’s incredibly time consuming to read.  If readers are confused or bogged down with the information in your brochure, it becomes uninteresting and therefore, the entire point of your brochure has been defeated.  There is a time and a place for this information, it’s just not in your brochure.

We hope we’ve provided you with some guidance as to what is most important when it comes to your business’s brochure!  Thanks for reading and If you have more questions, go to our contact page.  If you’d like to inquire about the brochure options we have, access our brochure page!