How deskpads can help with brand awareness

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Available in A2 or A3 deskpads are great for writing notes, drawing sketches, coming up with creative ideas, or brainstorming. They are also a perfect tool for branding. By gifting branded deskpads you can take advantage of prime advertising space within your recipients business, as well as in their day to day working lives.

Here are some of the ways that deskpads can help build brand awareness;

Deskpads are within reach

Deskpads are almost always within arms reach. The great thing about deskpads is that they are useful. No matter how many apps there are for making notes, writing to-do lists, or just simple doodling, there isn’t anything quite like a plain piece of paper when it comes to jotting down all of those daily notes. By being always just an arm’s reach away, deskpads will always remain useful. This “usefulness” is also one of the reasons that they are so great when it comes to brand awareness. 

When considering how to take advantage of branded merchandise, one of the most important considerations to make is whether or not the final product you are offering has a purpose. It is all very well have a beautifully designed piece of branded merchandise, but if it doesn’t provide a solution to a problem for the recipient, then it is unlikely to get used. If it does provide a purpose on the other hand then you will remain a permanent fixture in the day to day life of your recipient, and subsequently, your branded gift is also more likely to be noticed by others too. 

Deskpads act as a daily reminder

The great thing about giving away branded deskpads is that they act as a daily reminder about your brand. Businesses can spend thousands in trying to raise brand awareness online or through targeted campaigns, but there are very few ways in which you can occupy quite the same advertising real estate as branded merchandise. By providing branded deskpads you can occupy a prime spot on the desk of your target audience on a daily basis – a feat that cannot be replicated by many other forms of advertising. 

Deskpads are easily branded

A deskpad is quite literally a blank canvas for your brand. Printed on high-quality paper, you can rest assured the final product is going to be an extremely professional finish. There aren’t many better ways to show off your brand, or your logo, than on a piece of card or paper. Benefit from extra creative opportunities when it comes to colours and finishes and the opportunity to write a specific message tailored to your recipients. 

Deskpads are great for creative types

Whether you are a graphic designer, an architect, an artist or work in any form of creative profession, deskpads are perfect for sketches and drawings. Available in A2 or A3, deskpads are ideal for more expansive sketches. The extra space provided by deskpads, enables a little more freedom to get creative and to go further into an idea than you might when restricted to a piece of A4 paper. If you are a brand that advertises to creative professions then deskpads are a fantastic option to choose for your branded merchandise. 

They are ideal for sharing ideas

The extra space provided by deskpads also means that they are a great means of sharing ideas or brainstorming. Ideal for example for meetings, or situations where you want to involve other members of your team, deskpads offer up the opportunity for ideas to be shared, but also your brand. The more that your deskpads are shared in activities such as brainstorming, the more likley your brand is to get noticed and to build interest among a wider group of people. 

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