A3 Desk Pads

Quality A3 Deskpad Printing Online

From £210.00

The perfect piece of office stationery when you need to take down some notes during a meeting, draw up a rough design or start brainstorming ideas for your next big project but serving just as well for gifts that can go out to your clients.

Printed on the highest quality 120gsm paper stock, with 50 sheets and finished with a hardback, they are perfect for staying on your desk and being on hand when the ideas are flowing!

A2 Desk Pads

A2 Deskpad Printing - Online Printing UK

From £295.00

For those times that you need just a little more space to jot down your notes, or perhaps do some sketches, our A2 Desk Pads are there for you. Whatever you need them for, they can be used as they are incredibly versatile, such as planning of projects, note taking or brainstorming.

We print our big desk pads on the same high-quality paper as our smaller notepads, which is the 120gsm paper stock, before once again being finished with a hardback to make sure that they are durable and last the test of time. The perfect office stationery to have around or give as a gift to clients.