Halloween Print Marketing ideas

According to recent studies, retail expenditure on Halloween related products in the UK more than doubled between 2013 and 2019. Impressive right?

All that growing interest means Halloween is brilliant time engage with your customers and use this time to drive sales and brand awareness.

Not sure where to start? Check out our top tips for clever and creepy print ads for your Halloween print marketing campaign!

Halloween Print Packaging Labels | Kaizen Print

1. Create a spooky offering just for Halloween

What can you offer this Halloween to catch people’s attention? One of our favourite local coffee shops Bob and Bert, their answer was wicked treats.

And to ensure their customers could appreciate their Halloween specials, we helped then with printed Halloween labels and packaging!

2. Be relevant and remember your audience!

Halloween is spooky, but that doesn’t mean you need to scare customers your print marketing.

Remember who your target audience is and use the opportunity to get playful but remain appropriate. For example creepy cute vibe achieved above is great for products aimed towards families and kids.

Keep things light, even with content that veers towards the dark to ensure a positive response.

3. Inject Halloween colour into your print marketing

The simplest way to create a Halloween campaign is very simply to use colour. For Halloween the colours we associate are Black, Purple and Orange and Lime Green. All great eye catching colours to help your special offer stand out!

These colours instantly set the tone and are sure to catch attention of Halloween thrill seekers.

Halloween Print POS Cards Kaizen Print

4. Beware garish typography on Halloween print marketing

It may sound obvious but choose a font that confuses and you’re on to a loser.

Yes, it may be tempting to use the random “scary” font but if your audience can’t read it, or if it differs from your branding then don’t bother.

Use scary fonts in moderation and otherwise stick to something that’s clear and in keeping with your brand style

5. Don’t forget your brand identity

Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you throw out your brand’s identity.

Remember the goal is to improve brand awareness and ring in the sales so don’tlet your brand get lost in the design.

Make sure you branding and tone is still in keeping with your brand and take the opportunity to get creative Halloween colours and graphics.

Embrace Halloween but do it in keeping with your brand’s style.

6. Don’t be afraid

It’s okay to keep thing’s safe and simple, but do try creative so you stand out and get attention.

Halloween isn’t for all companies. But if you have the right audience, it could be the best opportunity of the year to have some fun with your ads and attract some new customers.

Check out Pinterest to see what the rest of the world is up to, just don’t be scared to do something different.

There’s no limit to your Halloween print marketing designs! If you need some help with your next marketing campaign talk to the team here at Kaizen on 028 9002 2474 or email us at [email protected]