How to run a contest using a QR Code

People do almost everything on their phones these days, from catching up with friends to shopping and ordering food.

By making your contest accessible using mobile phones you create a great new way to engage with your customers. The solution to achieve this is the QR code.

QR stands for quick response and essentially is a faster and more reliable version of the traditional barcode.

When your smartphone scans the code, it translates that information into a link that leads to something useful of your choice — like a PDF of a restaurant menu or as in today’s example to enter a Contest.

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How do I use a QR code to run a contest?

Creating a QR code to run a contest is an effective and innovative way to advertise and promote your business.

Not only does a QR code provide customers with an fuss free way to enter the contest.  It’s also a great way to grow brand awareness with very little spend.

Competitions that require little to no effort to enter are those that get best marketing results. By providing mobile access to your contest, you make it incredibly easy for customers to participate.

Here’s how it works

To run a contest using a QR code, you must first create a barcode image and have it printed on your marketing material.

Your QR code can be created using a free online QR code service.

Simply choose the type of contest you want to run, select Dynamic QR code to enable tracking and flexible editing. Download your code and display.

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How to get the most from my QR Code Contest

Place your QR code strategically on your competition campaign materials

Your QR code can be printed on nearly anything so choose the format that will be seen and easily scanned by the most people.

If you are a bar or restaurant, a table tent is a great place to run a QR code competition. If you run a store then shelf wobblers and strut cards are a great way to get seen!

Flyers are always effective. Just make sure The QR code is large enough to be easily noticed.

Give people a reason to scan!

Make sure you include a strong Call to Action, so that people know why they should scan your QR code. For a contest something like ‘Scan to Win’ works perfectly.

Create brand awareness by customising your QR code

Customise your campaign materials with your branding to make your QR code recognisable and engaging.

Businesses can even design and customise QR codes based on their specific requirements.

You have the option of changing the colour of your QR code’s background and foreground based on the theme and colour scale of your campaign or business.

You can also include business logos in your QR code design.

When it comes to customisation of QR code designs, the only limit is the extent of your imagination.

Use a Dynamic QR Code to track your competition campaign

Keeping track of your QR code scans is an excellent way of defining the success or failure of your QR code campaigns.

Data such as the number of scans, time and scan locations can all be recorded to help you improve your strategy for future campaigns.

In comparison, Static QR codes are fixed and the url info cannot be edited after printing or used for data tracking.

Use your QR code to grow you social following and engagement

A great tip is to use your QR code to lead customers to your social media page.

As part of your contest criteria, you can ask participants to like, follow your page.

Furthermore, they can also encourage people to scan it! This way, you can boost your social media engagement and grow your followers.

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