Shelf Wobblers -The must have retail marketing tool!

Shelf Wobblers are an incredibly effective retail marketing tool for attracting customers and motivating their shopping decisions.

Often called shelf talkers, they are hangable printed display fixtures, often made out of card or plastic and displayed on product shelving. Shelf wobblers are a top way to grab customer attention toward a specific product and communicate key information about the product.

Let’s take a look at our favourite reasons to use shelf wobblers in your retail store…

Advantages of shelf wobblers for retail marketing

Draw customer attention to store sections

Mid to larger retailers love using shelf talkers because they break up aisles full of products and instantly draw the customer’s eye to sections they might otherwise be overlooked.

This is a great way to help move slow selling items and upsell related products.

Shelf Wobblers Retail Marketing Kaizen Print

Introduce new retail products

Shelf talkers are also ideal for retailers who want to introduce new products or product ranges to their customers.

They can be used to give customers all the info they need and make it more likely that they’ll add it to their shopping cart.

Promote special offers and price reductions

Shelf talkers are a great way to announce special sales and discounts right next to the products themselves, thus incentivizing shoppers to pick up the item.

Promote a product award or recognition

Shelf talkers are a great way to boast a tasting score, induustry recognition or even a recommendation to motivate shoppers in their purchase.

Save on staffing costs

One of the most underrated benefits of employing shelf-talkers throughout your store is that they will reduce your dependence on your retail staff to communicate important information to customers.

While it’s always a good idea to have your staff interact with your customers, well-designed shelf-talkers placed thoughtfully throughout your store help shoppers navigate the space and find what they need—and when they feel at ease in your store, it makes it more likely that they’ll become regular customers.

Shelf Wobblers Retail Marketing Kaizen Print

Shelf Wobblers are easy-to-use

Due to their small size and unique design, shelf wobblers are easy to place or hang near products on shelves. They can also be easily interchanged or moved much disruption to your product display making them super user friendly.

Shelf Wobblers are durable

Generally, people consider printed marketing tools as a one-time usable product or disposable product. However, it is not so with shelf wobblers. They are super durable products and they can be used for more than a year when produced on PVC.

Shelf Wobblers are a cost-effective retail marketing tool

Shelf wobblers are cost-effective, no matter what number of pieces you want.

Generally, their prices vary depending on their size, design, and material. If you buy medium-quality shelf wobblers, then the prices would be comparatively lower than high-quality shelf wobblers. On the other hand, if you buy a bulk of pieces, then you can certainly get a certain discount or offer per piece on both medium-quality and high-quality shelf wobblers.

The average price is $0.5 to $3 per piece.

Shelf Wobblers are versatile

Shelf wobblers come in hundreds of different options in sizes, designs, materials, and features. You can choose a relevant option for your product. There is also an option for a custom design. You can choose that if you already have prepared design or have some colour and design preferences.

Ready to plan your Retail Marketing Shelf Wobblers?

Start with a compelling message. Shelf wobblers are small and designed to grab attention. So keep your message brief and use buzz words to get straight to the point- Think ‘Gluten Free’, ‘NEW’,  Sale .

Remember in a retail environment, bright colours and unique designs are key to attracting customers.

To speak to a member of our team about shelf wobblers, or to order some, please don’t hesitate to contact our team through our contact form, by emailing us on [email protected], or calling our offices on 028 9002 2474.