Gift Voucher Printing for Salons

At this time of year people (your customers) are looking for easy gift ideas to give to friends, family and loved ones that will mean the world to them. More often than not, a gift voucher may seem to be the easy way out, but it’s not. It’s probably the most thoughtful gift of all, especially if you know the recipient will use it and gain pleasure from it. Today we want to extol the benefits of Gift voucher printing for your business.

Selling gift vouchers is extremely lucrative and everyone from restaurants to physios, hair salons and design agencies use this time of year to sell gift vouchers for their business. It works fantastically for them and it can for you too.

Each year we break out a little infographic to show you how much revenue you could bring in from selling gift vouchers alone. This year is no different and below we have our little graphic below which shows an increased revenue of £4000 alone from simply selling 200 gift vouchers. I know personally my mum buys more than one at a time and for a heap more than £20 per person. By using your salesmanship to remind customers they are available and with a little bit of help from #teamkaizen to get the design right, we can print your gift vouchers super quick and extremely affordable. Our Gift Vouchers are printed single sided on 350 uncoated card stock. They are available perforated in one position or without the perforation depending on how you manage your voucher scheme and to prevent fraud they are digitally numbered, ensuring you can keep track of who has bought and used which vouchers.

The financial benefit of gift voucher printing

Gift Voucher Printing

Gift Voucher Marketing Tips

Christmas is a huge time of year for selling gift vouchers to your customers and as it is already into December, we recommend getting in touch right away. You want to capitalise on every customer that walks through your door by explaining to them that you are now selling gift vouchers for your services and products. If they haven’t arrived yet, you can always take the payment and post the voucher to your client at a later date before the Christmas break.

In fact it’s a great point to remember that gift vouchers (gift voucher printing) are bought well in advance of their use, meaning that the funds have cleared plenty of time before you need to pay for the product or service. This helps keep cash-flow healthy and if you are prudent with your planning, you can put the money aside to ensure it is appropriated to the right month, especially if they are redeemed in a quieter month of the year for your business.

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