Top 4 marketing mistakes small businesses make

Marketing is the fun side of business. It allows you to get creative with your company and focus on the opportunities that present themselves.

But that’s not all. Marketing is key to the success of any and all types of business. Without it, customers are left in the dark. They won’t know about new products, deals, sales, services or even worse – that your business even exists. Think differently? Try running your business without them.

So, what we’re getting at is: marketing kind of important. Okay. It is REALLY important.

As business owners you know this and strive to come up with marketing campaigns that are eye-catching and attention grabbing.

But you could be making some big mistakes. Kaizen’s team is made up of experts in all things print, design and marketing. We’ve seen it all – the good, the bad and the downright awful. So we know what we’re talking about.

Here are 4 of the most common mistakes that small business owners make when considering marketing”

Selling to the wrong market

If part of your marketing technique is to send out letters and flyers, then sending them as mailshots can be a really effective method of gaining new customers. But sending out marketing goods can have huge consequences on your wallet. Bigger, and more expensive to print items, such as brochures and catalogues should only be sent out to people who actually buy from you. Think of all the money being wasted by sending it to someone who doesn’t buy from you, or worse just puts it in the bin.

Typos in marketing

This point may sound like common sense, but it’s still a biggie. You’d be surprised how often this happens. Spelling and grammatical mistakes in any form of official marketing can make you and your company look unprofessional. A business, no matter what type, must appear to be prim and proper. Promotional tools such as flyers, posters and signs are often the first thing the public – your potential customers – see. So edit, check, edit, check and edit before sending anything off to be printed.

Not updating marketing tools

If a particular tool has worked for you in the past, it can be tempting to whip it out of storage and use it again and again. That’s fine, and not to mention cost effective. But it can get really boring for your customers. If you don’t update some of your marketing tools, your business could be left looking a bit stale and predictable. Update your signs, posters, flyers (all of your marketing products) regularly, to keep your business looking fresh and updated.

Stopping marketing all together

Some companies will stop marketing once they’ve gained a number of loyal customers. But for most businesses, that is simply not enough. You have got to keep putting your name out there. Keep pushing those sales. Keep advertising yourself. That way you not only drive up sales, but also bring in new customers who could go on to be loyal, coming back time and time again. is a company founded on strong marketing principles and we focus on this marketing through great design and print. Let our experience of designing and printing leaflets, booklets, roll up banners, pvc banners and brochures for businesses all across Belfast, inspire you to do great things.