Buying print online

You may have an idea of what printing is, but for many purchasing print online is not something they do on a daily basis. We understand this process can be daunting and for the uninitiated it can be a very scary process. What does bleed mean? What size do I need? Is this paperweight right? These are all common questions we’re asked regularly and we understand that even with a detailed ordering process, a clear explanation helps confirm your order needs much more easily.

There are no silly questions in print and we are as happy to answer any of your questions about our products and services today, as we were the very first day we started a business. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions from customers all around the UK and Ireland. If your question isn’t listed below, do not worry. You can message any of our team via our contact page. We’ll get right back to you.

What is the difference between litho and digital printing?

Traditionally, the most common form of printing for businesses was lithographic printing or as you may know, litho printing. With the advent of new technology, digital printing has become a much more cost effective option with it’s short turnaround times and low set up costs. More often today, digital printers are offering print quality to rival litho printing due to significant advancements in technology.

At we understand the need for both traditional and new printing technologies as both provide significant benefits for customers when used and understood correctly. We offer both litho and digital printing services to ensure cost effectiveness and efficiencies of printing are passed onto our customer base.

The differences in quality between litho and digital printing are now so minute that only a few rules differentiate their use. Where a client needs a large run of flyers, posters or any product over A3 size litho printing is preferred due to machine capacity and economies of scale. For printed products A3 size and smaller and width small to medium print runs, digital is now the primary print medium we recommend.

At we offer both litho and digital printing as this allows us to best serve the needs of our customers rather than our own. This convenience and opportunity ensures we can deliver reactive campaigns and proactive campaigns in a timely manner and at the right cost.

Those printers specialising in only litho or digital printing limit their product range substantially, whereas we have decided to keep all options open and not present barriers for a customer. Where litho fails on its minimum orders, digital takes charge with no minimum print run. Where digital campaigns can no longer compete on price, our litho team can provide cost-effective high volume printed materials.

Price vs Speed

Again utilising digital and litho printing, we are in the enviable position where we can provide low-cost printing well beyond our digital printing prices. The trade off is a longer lead time. Or if a campaign is definitely required in a hurry our digital print costs, which are still industry-leading take over. We leave the decision up to her customers and present unbiased options.

Regardless of which printing method you choose we will always stand by our commitment to quality with every printed item we supply. Whether that’s flyers, posters, presentation folders, booklets and programmes, it is our goal to constantly improve and completely satisfy our customers with the highest quality printed materials.

To order your printed materials please visit and search for the product you require. If it anytime or customer service team can help you, please contact us via the contact form.