How great copywriting can improve your flyer conversion rate

Rob Parker, of Belfast copywriting agency Voz Media, has written this guest blog post to give you some ideas on how improving the written content of your flyers could make your next print run even more profitable. There was a time when producing flyers to promote your business or event involved some rudimentary DIY design and a reliable photocopier.

Since you’re already perusing Kaizen Print’s blog, it’s probably safe to assume you’re well aware of the role high quality design and print can play in boosting the return on investment from your flyer printing. But do you give the same consideration to the content of your flyers?

Here are some quick tips on using copywriting to make your flyers work a bit harder! 

Benefits, not features 

Instead of using your flyer to list what you do, focus on why somebody would want to pay you to do those things. It doesn’t matter who your flyer is targeting, you can guarantee that they’re more interested in themselves than they are in your business. If you write about benefits you’ll end up with a series of compelling reasons for somebody to give you their custom, rather than a bland list of services. 

Know what to leave out 

From a very young age, we’re praised for packing as much detail as possible into our writing. But when it comes to flyers and most other forms of marketing, it’s about a careful selection process to decide what the reader really needs to know and what’s not so important. You have limited room on a flyer, so it’s important to be as concise as possible. You need to use as few words as possible while having the maximum impact on the reader. 

Give the reader an offer 

By their very nature, flyers are a very disposable form of marketing. If you’re investing in producing a flyer, it makes sense to go all-out for an immediate sale. Discount codes, money off when you present the flyer, free entry with the flyer the possibilities are endless. Just make sure it convinces people to commit to the purchase there and then. 

Grab the reader’s attention 

It’s important that the headline of your flyer demands closer inspection. The most effective headlines relate to a benefit of using your product or service. Couch a benefit in powerful words that grab their attention and you’re onto a winner. You might also use ‘you’ in your flyer copy as another way of getting your reader to focus on the message and realise that it relates to them. Get more copywriting advice at