The go to guy for Energy Performance Certificates in Belfast

When Chris Smyth of Belfast EPC came to us with a request to build a website for his consulting business we were only too happy to help. For those who don’t know, Chris is Connor our Managing Directors best friend and and was groomsman at his wedding. We therefore had to do literally the best possible job on designing and coding the website. And a great job we did building a brochure site and blog that will help the business market to a much wider audience

The process of building a website

Building a website isn’t easy, but with careful consideration and understanding of your ideal users experience, we can build the perfect website to suit your business and the needs of your clients.

We have a proven strategy based on research and focused on the customer journey, that aids in the creation of the perfect website design. Just as when we’re creating a brand, we need to understand the goals of your website. For some it’s contact generation, others e-commerce sales and depending on the business type it may just be awareness of the brand and an information provider. Tell us what success look like to you and what the purpose of the website design is. We’ll build based on that and not what we think your goals are.

Once a website structure is agreed upon and our studio begin the process of designing a wireframe to signify the layout of the site. You’ll most commonly see this online as a wireframe mock up. This is everything from the header, the footer and all individual areas we need to consider on the sites.

Working to the brand guidelines

Any good brand guideline will also present rigid guidance for the use of colours and type as well as brand styling on a website. During the entire process of creating a website we will always refer back to the brand guidelines to ensure the brand positioning is strengthened through the site.

We pay particular attention to the details of your customers through the buying process or grab attention in areas that we’re trying to focus on this done through creative text layout use of whitespace, these of high quality imagery and videos.

Website design is an iterative process and as such, we will go through many revisions and many different layouts to ensure every possible aspect of the site has been considered and explored to the fullest opportunity only then will we begin to design each component on the site.

What ends up online is the result of a team of severn designers and coders bringing their experience and knowledge into your website. Once live we monitor all analytics to your site and provide insights at the end of the first month to how it is working.

Search Engine Optimisation

After a few months of continuous work and improvement on the search engine optimisation of the site, the is now sitting comfortably in the first page of google for key search terms such as Belfast EPC or Energy Performance Certificate Belfast. This is great for such a new website and is down to the work behind the scenes both and the team are doing to create an authoritative domain.


Established in 2008, Belfast EPC by Christopher Smyth are one of Belfast’s leading providers of Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), for estate agents, landlords, housing schemes and home owners. Having produced thousands of certificates across the greater Belfast area, they provide a fast turn around rate and an extremely competitive pricing structure.

Personally we’ve worked with and know Chris a good 20 years and can vouch the above to be true.