Waterproof Posters – The raincoat for your design

As I write this we’ve just had two glorious days of weather in Belfast. The sun hasn’t splitting the trees, the weather has been in the mid 20s and everyone’s spirits have been lifted. Right this second however, there is an absolute downpour have lasted from 8p.m. last night. We thought it apparent but today we’d talk about our waterproof posters and how they can benefit your business and bottom line. Think about this from your own perspective. You set up an event or Campaign that hinges on the massive poster display you have outside your property. The sun has been splitting the trees for a few days and then the unthinkable Irish weather takes hold, it means for three weeks straight. No normal poster would survive such an onslaught of rain and would be ruined within hours not days. We want to make sure all your campaigns are a success I’m in such an instance we would recommend are amazing super waterproof, Northern Irish weatherproof, waterproof outdoor posters.

What are waterproof posters?

Our waterproof posters are a printed on a polypropylene film with textured front and grey backing. This is exactly the same material that we use for our roller banners and have done for the last eight years. Creating an outdoor poster isn’t easy and we’ve tried many different papers, laminates and materials to ensure we have the perfect poster, that is both waterproof, suitable for the outdoors and can resist the Northern Ireland weather.

Polypropylene is the perfect film for our outdoor posters as it provides great scratch resistance without additional lamination being required. It is wear resistant and our paper supplier describes it as having a “bulletproof finish”, but please don’t test that, as we are pretty confident they are just using turn of phrase in their marketing materials. However other applications we know the film is perfect for includes:

  • Roller banners
  • Hanging displays
  • Window Posters
  • Retail
  • Exhibitions
  • Presentations

Why use waterproof posters?

Many of our customers work in both an indoor and outdoor market place and much of the marketing takes place outside of the premises, whether this is using an A-board or an outdoor poster site, they need an outdoor poster that will last whatever the weather throws at them. With this in mind we began to investigate and produce this amazing product. Since 2009 we sold thousands of these posters and are confident they will be everything you need in printing a long-term poster for your business or event.

Here’s our top reasons that you would use a waterproof poster

  • Last infinitely longer than normal posters in outdoor conditions
  • Don’t require lamination to remain waterproof
  • Can be printed same day or next day
  • Printed in all regular large format poster sizes including A2, A1 and A0
  • Scratch resistant
  • Tear proof

Who uses waterproof posters?

We’ve printed outdoor posters for barber shops, estate agents, nightclubs and solicitors. Any business, community group or charity that promotes their business through posters in outdoor frames or locations can benefit from our outdoor poster printing. They’re even perfect for indoor use in areas likely to get a large amount of traffic an you want a most durable option than just paper.

Conversely put, who shouldn’t use a waterproof poster? The price is obviously the main negative with this type of printing. It’s about double that of a normal poster and as such it will negate the opportunity cost of standard poster printing when you have a short term need for the actual print.

If you are ever unsure about the poster you should print for your business, our team of highly trained print professionals are always on hand to chat through the requirements and to give their expert advice. We’ll never knowingly over or under specify a job but give you our knowledge and guidance that has been gained over years of helping customers with the right type of print for their needs.