Different Types Of Social Distancing Site Signage And Their Uses

outdoor social distancing - site signage

If you would have asked anyone 8-9 months ago about the meaning of “social distancing” no would have answered it for sure. But now, even if you ask a 5-year-old kid what social distancing is and why it is important, he/she will explain to you in detail the need for social distancing and how coronavirus has forced everyone to wear masks. The word social distancing is in everyone’s mind that whenever they leave their house, they make sure to maintain some distance from the strangers or everyone for that matter to prevent them from getting affected by the virus.

Businesses have also understood the significance of social distancing and how people have opted as a part of their life. To bring in confidence, business owners are using different safety measures to prevent spreading infection within their premises. Though they can’t handle the spreading of infection, they can assure their customers that they have taken all preventive measures suggested by medical departments of the region to keep their customers safe.  They are using magnetic Signage to make sure that their customers maintain distance when they are at their store or shop.


Social distancing signage is gaining popularity these days as maintaining social distancing is the only way to coming in contact with the infected person and getting the virus being transmitted. There are different types of options available in social distancing signs that can be used for this purpose. Let’s find out what these signs are and how are they contributing to social distancing.

Wall Graphics

These are the simplest yet effective way of addressing the social distancing message. You can put decals or signs on the walls of building entrances with reminders to stay 6 feet away from the other customer. You can also get the stickers imprinted with precautionary messages like don’t enter into the shop if you are sick or don’t put off your mask and so many other things that continuously remind them that coronavirus is still there and you cannot compromise the safety of others. You can also include reference items on these stickers like informing them telling them that 6 feet are about the same as two carts’ lengths.

Apart from putting these signs on the walls, you can also put them on the sides of fixtures, place them on the countertops and fix them in aisles. These will act as distancing reminders throughout different areas of the building.

As more and more grocery stores, restaurants and hotels are reopening their dining areas, they have to take specific measures to support social distancing like limited seating, blockades between diners, or sectioned-off areas at a bar. You would need plenty of signage to help to communicate these changes to your customers.

Floor Social Distancing Signage

Floor signs are highly adhesive graphics that stick to different types of flooring materials. Till the time, we have seen floor decals being used y several businesses as an attempt to mark places for customers to stand. For instance, maintain line and social distancing in a grocery store. Marks on the floor are just to tell people where to stand, so they stay 6 feet apart and maintain social distancing at all times.

These social distancing signs for floors can be of any shape, size, and color. You can get rectangular labels, X’s, circles, lines, or any other shape that fits your specific needs or business type. Some businesses want things to be simple and straightforward, that’s why they use a sign mentioning just “Stand Here” while others might use footprint shapes. You can be extra creative with these signs and use icons that are related to you or symbolize your brand, company, or product. You can also use them as an opportunity to advertise your business and its product/service.

Though social distancing stickers are excellent for lines, but you can also use them on countertops such as meat service shops to keep reminding customers to maintain a safe distance while they order.

Window Graphics

You can use window graphics on a glass door to communicate your message, requirements, or anything else. It will put your message right in front of people as they enter your shop, building, or store. These decals serve as a reminder of social distancing necessities in a hard-to-miss location.


You might not have seen anyone using a-frames as a reminder for social distancing, but these frames can serve as a more visible reminder in certain areas. Service counters, for instance, may benefit from physical barriers. They work as a more visible form of markings if you think your customers seem resistant to floor decals.

In this new era of social distancing, you need visual identification for your business to guarantee the health and safety of all your customers as well as employees. Though every business surroundings are different, we have to assemble some instances of key products to use in particular areas to make sure that the proper social distancing guidelines are observed. Several companies offer decals that are made tough so that you can concentrate on the reopening of your business. We offer social distancing signage for a variety of surfaces that make it easy to apply and remove. These last where other floor tapes simply don’t.

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