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Its pretty safe to say about 99% of the population own a smartphone – Right?

And how many of us have that smartphone jam packed full of photographs?Probably most of us. In fact, stats show that on average, a person can have more than 630 photos on their phone. 

These photographs are basically the memories of some precious moments of our life that we have cherished with our loved ones. Many of them may remind us about family get-togethers, and a few others may reflect the picturesque views of the tourist destinations that we explored during holidays. 

So, how do you like to preserve those photographs; making sure that they stay in front of your eyes every time; reminding you about some good times and happy people in your life? After all, we don’t find time to scroll down our mobile phone gallery or laptop folder every day. 

How do you like the idea of filling your home with some beautiful artworks? Probably the stunning images of yours with the family and friends. Well, we have your answer. Canvas Printing.

Incredible benefits of canvas printed photos over traditional photos:

Professional Appearance:

One of the biggest reasons to choose canvas printing over traditional printing options is that they give a feel of professional artwork. The advanced printing technologies make sure that your images look perfect without any flaws. Whether you wish to display those photographs at your living room or your office, they will look just perfect. 

Canvas Prints can be easily repaired using stylistic touches available in the latest software tools. You can improve their appeal based on your preferences and get the final canvas print immediately. If you have an image that requires a few touch ups, you should speak to our team of designers on [email protected] who will be able to help you.

Enhanced Durability:

Arguably the best feature of canvas printed images. The materials used for canvas printing are studier compared to those traditionally used for glossy papers. The canvas and the inks make sure that all your artworks can last for years. 

Larger Images 

If we talk about photographic prints, they can translate well up to a specific range on a certain scale. If you try to enlarge them beyond A4, the pixels may start distorting, and you may lose the overall quality. On the other side, canvases are available in a variety of size ranges; you can pick the 6×6 version, 48×60 size or even bigger. It means you can create canvas prints of any size with ease and display them creatively on the walls. It is also possible to split one image into three parts and display them in continuation on the walls. They can help you create a bigger scene with a stunning effect. 

The advanced canvas printers allow us to print images into any shape and any specification. You can even adjust the effects to enhance the overall appeal of the images. The large canvas prints are easier to hang on walls, and they provide more flexibility to decorate the display. You can create a mini gallery with the images of your child or develop a large impression of your favourite wedding moment. 

Light in Weight:

The frames used for traditional photos may get heavier; especially depending upon the material and size you choose. However, the canvas prints weigh considerably less than the traditionally framed photos. These photos can be easily rearranged, hanged or stored without any trouble. You can plan to create portraits, still-life, family photos, landscape photos to highlight your creativity. 

To speak to our team about ordering a canvas print, please use our contact form, call us on 028 9002 2474 or email us at [email protected]