Design tips for booklet printing

Booklet printing is huge part of our business at Kaizen Print. In fact it’s an area we’ve put significant investment into. In the past 12 months we’ve purchased a brand new digital press and a heap of state of the art booklet finishing machinery.

A4 Booklet Printing
A4 Booklet Printing for SMI Industrial Studies

Our customers use all manner of booklet printing services within their businesses. It might be annual report printing, brochures, magazines or sales documents. Whatever the use we have the perfect choice of booklet for your needs, wants and desires. 

We understand that to be competitive in todays marketplace your marketing must stand out from the crowd. This obviously includes any booklet printing you undertake as a business. Today we’ve put together some tips from our studio to give you some guidance when creating a design for booklet printing

It’s whats on the outside that counts

The saying “Never judge a book by its cover” obviously has merits when discussing physical vs non-physical attributes. But you’d be hard pushed for anyone to admit they’ve not had a preconception by how something and or someone looks. This is very much the premise behind ensuring your cover accurately reflects the content contained within the booklet. It should be well designed and 

White space

A good designers undertands the benefit of whitespace in brochure design and print. A great designer will take this understanding and create a balanced booklet project across image, text and whitespace. With this said, it’s prudent to engage a professional to create your booklet design and so it’s our recommendation you use a design agency to generate a professional booklet.

Full Colour imagery

With a huge array of stock image sites in existence today, using low quality images has become less prevalent in booklet printing. These images can range from being completely free, up to hundreds of pounds per image depending on their use.

Stock Image Sites We Recommend

Use type to your benefit

Choosing a font can be one of those tasks. You either get it right or you struggle to choose a font for the entire project. With that said, an experienced designer will understand your brand and match its properties to the current project goals.

Margins & Bleed in booklet printing

One of the most common areas of improvement for the booklet artwork we receive is within the margins and bleed sections. It’s always prudent to keep a 3mm safe margin on the inside of the finished page and a 3mm bleed on the outer. Saving your booklet file as a print ready pdf with all print elements considered is the best way to ensure booklet success. With that in mind, below we’ve linked to our “what is print ready artwork” guide to give you a step by step process in creating the perfect artwork everytime.

At Kaizen Print we are veritable booklet printing experts. Let us use our experience and knowledge to help you create the perfect booklet or brochure for your business. If you have print ready artwork, simply order online and we’ll take car of the rest. If you require assistance with your booklet design, then our graphic design studio can help you realise your booklets true potential.