The Perfect Business Stationery Bundle

When you run a business, whether you are just starting out or you have been going for a few years now, it is important that you keep yourself right and have all of the stationery that is going to help you get your name out there and also seem professional to your clients and customers. Within this article, we are going to take a look at the perfect business stationery bundle you should have.

Business Cards

We will begin by looking at the most important piece of business stationery you can have, Business Cards. They are one of the smallest, yet ultimate marketing tools that you can possibly have as a business owner. They are perfect for handing out when you meet new clients or potential customers, giving them everything they need to get in contact with you, as well as the ability to find out a bit more about your business. As well as this, if your business card looks good, those who you give it to are going to remember it. If it is good quality, they will do the same, and won’t be inclined to throw it out, keeping you in mind when the time comes that they need your products or services. Here at Kaizen Print, we can help you get your business cards printed, as well as being able to offer you Luxury Business Cards, Kraft Business Cards and Rounded Corner Business Cards, so you’ll always have the business cards you need.


Next up we are going to look at Letterheads. Despite their name, they don’t have to be used solely for sending letters to clients, because as much as we might like to, when you’re running a business you more often than not don’t have time to write and send a letter and wait for a response, which is my we all use emails. However, this doesn’t make letterheads redundant within a business, as they have a few more uses. For a start you can use these to replace your notepad, perfect for when you have set up meetings with clients and customers and need to write down information for them, meaning they have the information that they need, but also your contact details at the top of the page, meaning you are maintaining brand presence with this person even when they are not in your building. At Kaizen Print you can get your letterheads printed in either A4 or A5 size, as well as being either single or double sided.

Compliment Slips

Perfect for getting your brand presence out there, even when all you are doing is saying thank you. Compliment slips are simple products which will include your business name and logo, coming in DL size, but can be ordered to different sizes if you require! Printed on the same quality and size of paper as our letterheads, they will do their job, helping to remind clients and customers of your brand after a job has been completed.

Desk Pads/Notepads

The perfect companion to take with you to meetings, trade shows, exhibitions or even to send to clients and customers as a gift. Our Notepads come in sizes ranging from A6 to A4, while our Desk Pads (Aptly named as they are a little larger and harder to carry around!) come in sizes A3 and A2. However, if you need more industry-specific pads, then look no further as we can now supply you with Customer and Vehicle Appraisal Pads, for those of you working in the motor industry.

Here at, we know a thing or two about business stationery, so we certainly hope that by reading this article you know a bit more too, and can begin to plan your own checklist of what you’ll need for your company! But don’t let our help finish there, why not let us print everything for you? Get in touch with us either by calling 028 9002 2474 or by email via our contact form, as we will be more than happy to help!