Common Mistakes with Booklets and How to Avoid Them

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Booklets can be a great, useful asset in a variety of ways—if they’re done correctly.  If you happen to be new to booklets, it’s important you have an idea of what to avoid and why.  This can save you an enormous amount of time, effort and of course, money!  Take time to educate yourself on the top 5 most common mistakes with booklets and how you can best avoid them!

5 common mistakes with booklets

>Poor brand positioning/clarity

>Message/information clarity

>Ineffective design

>Poor Image quality

>Lack of contact information 

Poor brand positioning 

When it comes to your booklets, you’re looking to market, advertise, or, at the very least, convey a message.  Failing to display your brand, logo or name effectively can render your booklet and its message, useless.  Your brand, logo or name should be front and center and in easy-to-read font.  If you have a specific logo, ensure that it too is front and center and easily visible.

Unclear information 

How you present your information is incredibly important, since, that is, after all, the entire point of your booklet.  Make sure when your booklet is in the design stages that the information is laid out in a clear, easy-to-read way with no confusion as to what you’re trying to say.  If your message and information is unclear, then the entire booklet is, unfortunately, ineffective.  To avoid this, double and even triple check your information to make sure it’s absolutely clear.  

Ineffective design

Next to your information, the overall design of your booklet is the next most important thing consumers and readers are going to look at.  Your design needs to be clear but also engaging.  Aesthetically pleasing, while also, not too busy.  The design should be balanced and make your message enjoyable to read.  If you’re unsure about the design of your booklet, don’t go it alone.  Designing an entire booklet can be challenging and time consuming.  Reach out to a design consultant for assistance—you’ll be glad you did!

Poor Image Quality

There is nothing tackier than fuzzy, blurry or grainy images.  Especially, when these images are meant to help relay your very important message.  Consumers and readers will have an incredibly hard time identifying with your information and your booklet if it includes images with poor quality.  Oftentimes, consumers will associate your message or information with a specific image.  Wouldn’t it be so very unfortunate if their associations were with terrible pictures?  Before your booklet goes to print, be sure to check the quality of the images being used and ensure they’re of the highest quality!

Lack of contact information 

Booklets can be useful for a wide variety of uses and purposes, however, no matter what your intention, contact information is always a must.  One of the greatest things about booklets is that consumers can read them initially and then take them.  Meaning, consumers can continue to revisit your booklet as often as they’d like.  If your contact information isn’t something they can initially read or revisit later, you’ve done a massive disservice to yourself and the mission you had in mind for your booklet.  Be sure to include your contact information in various places throughout your booklet to be absolutely sure it’s readily available and easy to find.

Now that you know some of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to booklets, you also now know how to avoid those mistakes!  You now have guidance on how to make your booklets efficient and beneficial to you and your goals!  We hope this article provided you with helpful information you need to get started!