The Effectiveness of Booklets

Are you thinking about having booklets printed for your business or perhaps a special event?  If so, it can sometimes be difficult and confusing to know, for certain, just how effective and beneficial booklets might be.  Before deciding before, or against booklets, take time to review and then consider the following five points on the effectiveness of booklets.  You will be happy you did!

Top 5 things to consider before deciding

>Scope of information 

>Cost/Outcome Ratio



>Images & Contact Information

What information do you want to include?

The information you decide to include in your booklet will have a direct link to the overall outcome.  If you’re, perhaps, a political candidate, trying to relay your stance on hot-button issues to voters, a booklet would greatly assist you in voicing your message.  On the other hand, if you’re perhaps a business owner, trying to promote a new product or coupon campaign, a booklet can provide you with the space to communicate your information as well as offer a space for advertisements like coupons.  If you need to share a higher volume of information (where a poster or simple advertisement simply won’t get the job done) then a booklet may be your best and most effective choice.

Consider the cost/outcome ratio

Yes, designing and printing booklets will cost you money.  For each and every need, the cost will be different, but, nonetheless, there will be a certain amount of risk involved.  That being said, with the right platform designing and printing your booklet, oftentimes, you have no reason to worry!  For example, if you have a large amount of information, advertisements or images (or maybe all of the above) then the benefits of being able to relay that information to your clients, consumer base or target audience greatly outweigh the potential costs.  If you want to reach a specific audience with specific information, then a booklet is the most effective choice for you.

Think carefully about your audience 

Ask yourself: who is most likely to read this booklet and who am I trying to reach?   Be sure you have certain information, advertisements and information as well as an audience in mind.  If your goal is to provide a higher density of specific information to a specific audience, then booklets are exactly what you’re looking for. 

Your Timeline is Important

If you’re looking to communicate information with a specific date in mind (a political election, a specific advertisement or coupon campaign, etc) then knowing how a booklet will benefit that timeline is important.  For example, if you’re a business owner, trying out a new advertisement and coupon campaign, then a booklet can help you reach your goals.  Furthermore, if you’re promoting a specific event or date, a booklet can help you get your point across and hit your goals home!

Images and Contact Information

With a booklet, your target audience can take it with them, review it and keep it long-term.  This enhances the effectiveness of utilizing a booklet immensely.  Throughout the booklet, your contact information will (and should be) displayed and because it’s something your audience can look back on, they’ll have access to your contact information long-term.  Meaning, even if they feel like they may not need it now, they’ll have easy access to it in the future!  Furthermore, people, especially consumers, are drawn to images.  Including striking and important images in your booklet will help it stay with consumers and they’ll be inclined to keep the booklet to look back on.

We hope this short, yet, informative post, helped you think about the effectiveness of booklets and perhaps some of the benefits printing booklets can have.  In many ways, booklets have great influence and can help you reach your goals, whatever they may be!