Cherish family memories with a personalised calendar

Calendars are a highly useful resource, they enable you to keep track of your year and important dates which you shouldn’t forget, but that’s not the only reason calendars are so popular they are also popular because they look great, making them look right at home wherever you choose to display them, on your office wall or family home.


Ordering calendars through kaizen print enables you to include important photographs which you cherish of friends and family members making them a great cherished gift, both for yourself and your immediate family and friend circles. It also allows you to include important dates, such as Birthdays and anniversaries which would cause havoc if missed. Making them the ideal product to put on display and keep you or a loved one or a business partner on track, never miss an important date again.


Our calendars come in a variety of different shapes and sizes making them ideal for pretty much every scenario, the cheapest calendar, the table tent calendar is an ideal product for offices and putting on tables, its compact and small structure makes it ideal if you are tight on space or don’t want your calendar to be ‘in your face’, or you are on a tighter budget. The 1/3rd A4 also has very similar qualities making it ideal for tight spaces or if you don’t want a huge display on the wall. A4 calendars are a typical calendar size which most people are familiar with, they are extremely popular and extremely versatile making them ideal for a lot of situations. A3 calendars are the big brother of the calendar world, our largest option available, they are very bright and in your face and are ideal if you have high quality resolution photos that you are really proud to put on display.  


The content you can put inside each of these calendars is really up to you and your imagination, typical examples include photos of your children, which are ideal for close relatives such as your parents and siblings, the extended family which is ideal for giving to your aunties uncles, parents and whoever you wish. Other examples include your friends as a sign of your lasting friendship and what they mean to you. Other creative examples include old archive footage of your family such as black and white photos showing your family’s heritage. The possibilities are really endless and each result in a gift that is personal to you and your story, something you really can’t buy on the high street.  


If you are thinking of ordering personalised calendars as a gift this Christmas we would love to hear from you, simply order online, call 02890022474, email us on [email protected] or pop into our offices at 56 Lisburn Road, Belfast. We hope to hear from you soon.