5 Uses for Brochures in your Business

Here at kaizen we understand that brochures can be vital in setting your business apart from any competitors. Here’s 5 very broad examples on how a brochure can help you regardless of what your business involves:

  1.     Showcase
  2.     Set the tone
  3.     Sell
  4.     Inform
  5.     Persuade


Firstly and foremost a brochure can be used to showcase your companies past work, just like a digital portfolio it allows possible clients to come and see exactly what you and your business have been up to in the past. It gives you a little room to show off the work you’re proud of and hopefully persuade that next potential client that you are the right guys for the job.

Set the Tone

Right down the colour of the sign your business logo is printed in, every minute detail of your business helps convey the tone and feel of your business. There is no exceptions for brochures, a good brochure that actively represents the ambitions of your business and when done well they can keep your business flyin’ high whereas when done badly you will surely see your business flop. It is important that a good brochure helps secure the identity of your business and represents the business well. For example, pastel colours and flamboyant font might work well for a cupcake shop but not particularly well for a real estate agency, where more neutral colours, professional font and perhaps a glossy finish would be required.


Undoubtedly the most important aspect of any business is selling the product or service that has had so much work put into it. The brochures printed here by kaizen can help, Brochures can include pictures, prices and vital information that help clients come to an informative decision on whether you’re the right people for them. Say for example a sofa store, you can go in and look at the sofa, perhaps have a sit down too, sure the sofa looks nice but its vital information such as the material used, the cost and say a monthly pay plan that customers read about that helps them come to an informative decision.


When it comes to certain circumstances it may be to time consuming or just to talk to a person or persons individually say at a group event for example an open house, charitable fun day or even at a festival. Brochures can include a great deal of useful information from itineraries to factual information, pictures of key events or even a helpful mini map.


Brochures and booklets can be a great way to make people choose your company over going to a competitor, part of the beauty of a brochure is the fact it’s disposable and potential clients can take them home with them to make a more informative decision. This works particularly well when you know a potential client is trying a few different places handing them a brochure puts you ahead of the competition because after they’ve headed home some information might be forgotten, a brochure continues to inform and refresh.

If you think a brochure would be a great addition to your business we would love to hear from you, and help get that set up. To get in touch with our team please do call 028 9002 2474.