How do presentation folders work?

Presentation folders are a force to be reckoned with when used correctly, separating you from peers or competitors. Perhaps you have an internal proposal? A presentation folder can help sway people to see your side of the argument using facts and figures to help shape opinion. It’s no wonder our presentation folders are so popular! But the real question is, how do they work?   A presentation folder makes you, the creator come across as very professional and organised, even before your client or audience opens your presentation folder they immediately form an opinion that your a smart well organised individual. Depending on the content and look of your presentation folder this opinion will continue to grow and strengthen. For example, a presentation folder filled with high-resolution graphics and persuasive key arguments that relate to the subject will strongly increase your presentation folders success whereas a dull worded and bland looking brochure will ruin its credibility, it will look rubbish and appear non-coherent. You have to create a document that is appealing and eye-catching, you need people to pick it up in order to read it, if it’s visually unattractive then you’ve potentially lost a large audience.   It’s important to make an impact within the first few pages, your front page should feature a graphic which relates to your business/presentation/proposal and a short, snappy title, after all half the battle is getting people to pick up your presentation folder. Another method to entice audiences is to include a small branded gift in one of your custom inserts, examples include a pen or gift card or something else small to set you apart from everybody else. Another great idea would be to include your business card on the inside of your presentation folder, it’s a great way to spread awareness of your business and form future connections.   A presentation folder offers a great way to increase brand awareness and give insight to what your business does, by including pictures of previous work you have done, factual information about your business and pictures of your actual business you can give people a clear picture of the type of business you work with, what the tone and style of the business is acting almost like a portfolio allowing people to form an educated opinion about whether they want to go into business with you.     If you’re giving a presentation, a folder can keep you on track, acting like an auto queue it keeps you on the right path as you speak make sure you don’t divulge too much or don’t miss any important information. It also allows your audience to keep up, giving them more information and facts to back up what you are saying. It also gives your audience the ability to take your presentation folder home, making an educated decision on their own, this is why putting a business card in your presentation folder is a great idea.    If your hosting a presentation or have a proposal or perhaps you’re looking to display your products get your folder with Kaizen to make sure you’re getting the best value for your buck. Yeah sure, you might find cheaper online but be wary of cheap presentation folders because they usually reflect the cheap materials used. Here at Kaizen, we use only the best materials to ensure only the best results. If you have any queries at all just email us via the contact form, call us on 028 9002 2474 or just pop in to our headquarters at 56 Lisburn Road, Belfast.