Branded Business Stationery Our Essential Guide

Branded Business Stationery tells your clients you are professional, detail focused and here to stay. I can’t think of a better way to start a business relationship, can you?

In today’s article we are looking at how branded stationery can boost your business image in 2022! Let’s jump in.

What are the benefits of Branded Business Stationery?

Understandably, your stationery may be an easy topic to overlook. But in reality this detail injects professionalism into every aspect of your communication and is an incredibly effective marketing tool.

Instead of seeing stationary as office expense it should be included in your marketing budget and this is why.

Branded Business Stationery builds credibility

Your business stationery should contain all important information about your business that your clients might need. Your business name and logo, address and contact details.

Simple yes, but when professionally designed and printed this makes a big impact in establishing trust and reliability.

In other words, you are letting your clients know that your company is real and they can contact you any time they want.

Branded Business Stationery grows brand awareness

By branding all outgoing communications, people get to see and recognise your brand, therefore increasing brand visibility.

Branded Business Stationery sets a professional tone

Professionally printed business stationery will help you stand out from your competition.

In addition, this small investment in quality marketing materials makes your clients feel valued and encourages them to invest in your company.

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Branded Business Stationery: The Essentials 

Business Cards

Running a business requires a strong network and you cannot build a network without making connections.

Handing out a business card not only you gives you the opportunity to have a quick conversation it builds a memorable first impression.

Among all the materials you can use for brand promotion, business cards are the most affordable. It doesn’t matter if you are a start up or a growing company, you can bulk order business cards on a small budget.

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Compliment slips

Compliment slips add a personal touch and come in handy for all sorts of daily situations. Make sure to include them with your products or services to reinforce your brand and promote loyalty. 

Whether you have 3 customers or 3000, a hand-written note on a compliment slip is a top way to make your client feel valued and seen.

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Letterheads & Envelopes

Today a lot of business happens via email but for many businesses sending a printed original document on paper is still a necessary form of communication.

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In a world full of technology, paper is still as popular as ever.

Branded notepads are great for office use but also for gifting out to clients or use at promotional events and keep your brand front of mind.

Labels and Stickers

With a variety of sizes and uses, branded labels and stickers are incredibly versatile. No matter what your business is, labels can create a professional look.

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are great for customers and office use. They organise promotional material for corporate events and are ideal to send out a portfolio or welcome pack to a new customer.

Ready to set the right tone and enhance your brand awareness at every opportunity? Contact our design team here at Kaizen Print to get started with a beautiful, affordable design!