Promote your small business with flyers this Christmas

Print flyers are a great way to promote your small business at Christmas and put your brand front of mind for customers as the shopping season kicks off.

Let’s take a look at the how’s and whys…

Why use flyers to promote your small business this Christmas

Firstly lets talk benefits, why flyers?

  1. Budget Friendly Flyer printing scores top marks for affordability and are a great way to deliver your message far and wide on a small budget.
  2. Promote Brand awareness A well designed flyer is a very effective way to generate new leads and re-connect with lapsed customers.
  3. Flyers are versatile Flyers can be used to launch your Christmas Club, to promote a sale or special event, share new product lines and much more.
  4. Support your digital marketing Adding QR codes to flyers allows people to instantly link to more information and shop online with you.
  5. Print is trusted Perhaps the biggest benefit of print flyers are trusted. Flyers provide something to hold in your hand rather than looking at a screen. If a flyer comes in the mail, most people will at least see what it’s about. In contrast, millions of marketing emails go unread every day because they can be instantly and easily deleted.

How to use flyers to promote your small business this Christmas

Set a clear purpose for your Christmas flyer campaign

What do you want to happen once your flyers are produced and distributed? Do you want to sell more gift vouchers or drive people to shop on your website?

By setting a clear goal that you want to accomplish you will find it easier to focus your message and create the right design. Otherwise, you’re not likely to produce any meaningful results.

Speak to your audience

Who are you targeting with this flyer? New customers or existing? Are they old or young, working professionals or students? What interests them and why should they shop with you this Christmas?

Clearly understanding your audience will help you craft the perfect message to reach and appeal specifically to them.

For example, if your goal is to sell out your Christmas beauty gift line, then promote your best seller on your flyer to generate interest with a limited time deal.

Create a great flyer design

Your flyer design is key to grab attention and get customers reading. So think about the kinds of imagery, graphics and colours you want to use to achieve this.

Bold colours and a punchy headline are a great way to catch the reader’s eye and encourage them to keep them reading.

Include your branding

Make it easy for your viewers to figure out who you are, where you are located and how they can get in touch or get your product.

Flyers serve as a great tool to increase brand awareness, as long as you incorporate branding in your design.

Flyer printing

Have a strong call to action

An effective marketing flyer needs to provide useful information to your target customer. But unless you tell people what to do with that info then it won’t achieve the goal you set out.

Make your call to action short, snappy and compelling enough to motivate readers to take action. You can even set up a QR code for them to scan that will take them directly to the webpage you want them on.

If the purpose of your flyer is to promote seasonal gifts or a Christmas sale then include the time, date and location, and what’s in it for them (e.g. 50% off all items).

Get your flyers seen in the right places

The final element in using flyers to promote your business is distribution – where, when, and how you get the flyers in front of your target market.

Here’s where knowing your market on a deeper level makes the difference.

Think about where your customers live, where they shop or hang out, what are their personal interests. This information will tell you where to best place your flyers so that they will be seen and responded to by the right audience.

Different ways to distribute flyers include:

  •       Direct mail or door-to-door leaflet drop in targeted areas
  •       Drop them in with customer purchase, invoices and enquiries
  •       Place flyers on cars or ask other local businesses to keep a stack on their counter
  •       Insert flyers into local newspapers to reach a local audience
  •       Hand flyers out at Christmas events

Get help from the professionals

At Kaizen Print we have a wealth of experience in helping clients with their flyer requirements. If you would like some help with the design or printing of flyers, we can guide you to the very best results. 

To find out how we can help with your flyer needs, visit our leaflets & flyers page, or get in touch via our contact page, or by calling 028 9002 2474.