Christmas Stickers and Labels that share your brand story

Ready to share you brand story with Stickers and Labels this Christmas?

Stickers and Labels are a simple yet highly effective way to share your brand personality.

In fact as such a small piece of your marketing toolkit stickers and labels are barely considered advertising at all. This means that you gain all the advertising oomph without the sales pitch feel.

Whether you use them to label and tags products or seal packaging you can create branded Stickers and Labels for your business to add your bespoke touch.

Here are our top 5 tips to get share your story with branded stickers and labels this Christmas!

1. Stickers and labels are an affordable way to brand your products 

Bespoke packaging is costly and most new or small businesses simply don’t have the budget.

Branded stickers however provide a perfect solution.

Stickers can be applied to boxes and sleeves and they can printed in small or bulk quantities making them highly adaptable. Most importantly they are incredibly affordable and easy to achieve with little design know how.

With a little creativity you can use stickers to transform  basic packaging into beautifully styled products. Your customers will appreciate the personal touch that makes their purchase feel a whole lot more high-end.

With Christmas approaching fast this is a top opportunity to grow your brand awareness. Get ready and make the most of the busy season by using stickers to ensure your brand is memorable long into the New Year.

2. Personalise Corporate Christmas gifts with stickers

Considering what to get your staff or loyal customers this Christmas?

Custom printed stickers are a great way to take a generic gift and make it personal. Some great examples are water bottles, travel mugs and notebooks.

Using stickers to personalise your gifts is a great way to improve company culture and pride, plus you generate brand awareness as your stickers are seen by others.

3. Gift Festive Stickers this Christmas

Stickers make a fab freebie!  When your clients make a purchase this is a perfect time to gift some great stickers by popping them in the box, bag or envelope.

If you get clever with your sticker design your brand could end up on laptops. notebooks, workplaces and schools. This means you gain all that promotional value as long as your stickers are visible to the public..

For a festive touch, print your stickers with a festive colours and graphics. Include snowflakes and stars or a great festive quote like ‘Fa la la la la’.

4. Make your packaging festive with Stickers and Labels

Don’t redesign your packaging range this Christmas, customise it with festive stickers!

Add a little Christmas spirit  to your regular branding, or simply print stickers with a ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Merry and Bright’ message. You can even use Christmas graphics such as baubles, trees or gifts whatever best suits your business brand style.

Your customer will easily recognise your package and appreciate the extra effort that makes your product all the more giftable!

5. Promote a Christmas special with Stickers and Labels

Add Stickers to product packaging or marketing materials to draw attention to a special offer. This way you can easily and quickly customise your packaging and advertising without needing to repackage or redesign.

For example you could print a sticker to read 20% Off This Christmas and place it on your brochure or posters. Easy.

At Kaizen Print we can help you create the perfect festive labels and stickers for your business needs. To find out more about how we can help you can visit our labels and stickers page or get in touch via our contact form or by calling 028 9002 2474.