Easy Creativity Exercises for Designers

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We all know to get better at something we need to practice. Its general knowledge that if you want to become a better runner, you will need to step up your training regime. Similarly, if you want to become stronger you lift heavier weights.

So how can creatives be more, well, creative? Practice. Adding small pockets of space for yourself in the day will allow you to create habits.

Here at Kaizen Print, we believe that creating easy ways to enhance your creativity is essential for any designer. Even if you aren’t a designer, you can add new pockets in your day to practice. Here are our favourite ways to exercise your creativity – anyone can do them!

Set aside time for creativity without pressure

Sometimes when you need to be creative under pressure, you hit the wall. You know you have a deadline which makes you stressed and you feel you’re going nowhere fast.

If you set yourself aside a few hours per week to just be creative in your own time you may be surprised at how the lack of pressure enables your creativity to flow. Without your own personal expectations getting in the way you can feel free to experiment in ways you may not have before. It doesn’t have to be your usual creativity, perhaps you constantly use a computer for design. Well, why not take it back to good old paper and pencil?

You could go to a creative class, or learn something new. You may just find a new path for inspiration!

More is more…

Sometimes switching up your beliefs is the best way to grow creatively. If you focus on creating quality, this takes more time than if you just let your pen run free on the page. By adopting a ‘more is more’ look you will get a higher quantity – you can then develop these but the initial quick burst of idea is the essential part of this tip.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the circle of the quest for perfection, but it can actually restrict innovation. Why not try the 30 circle’s exercise? In this exercise, you have 30 circles and 3 minutes to fill them. Knowing that you have 3 minutes allows you to stop the perfectionism, and allows for those ideas to burst on to the paper.

We love this trick to get the creative juices flowing. Feel inspired and get this into your week!

From this you can create news ways to work. For instance, if you have a logo project try to create as many logos as you can in three minutes. From here you have a basis of ideas that you can go off and look at in more detail later.

Of course, this isn’t going to make an award winning design every time, but it does get your creative muscles working.

New knowledge = new inspiration

Of course you already know this. But, if you’re feeling uninspired, what is the best way to find new knowledge? In books.

Take a trip to your local book store and head to a section that is completely unrelated to design or your project or style. By looking at sections you never would before, you may come across some interesting facts or a new person to research that could lead you to new ways of thinking.

You could read about music, or fashion, or history and an idea could come to you. Not only that, the trip to and from the book store could be the break away from the desk you need.

Practicing stepping into new territory should enable you to see outside of your box and adapt the way that you think and design.  

At Kaizen Print, we understand how hard it can be to keep that creativity flowing! That’s why we believe if you add small new ways of thinking into the week you can train those creative muscles; just as you would your legs in the gym from squatting.

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