Summer Wedding Trends 2018

Wedding season is here and it’s in full bloom, especially with the Royal Wedding on the 19th of May. With this in mind, I’m sure there are plenty of you out there looking to tie the knot with your own partner, and planning is in full swing. Here at Kaizen Weddings, we know this isn’t any easy job by any stretch of the imagination, so we thought we’d try and make it that little bit easier on you, by letting you know of certain wedding stationery trends that are here to stay for Weddings in 2018.


Everything at a wedding needs to match, that’s part of what makes it so special. It’s been designed and laid out in the image the bride and groom have dreamed of from the moment the question was asked. A key factor to this is certainly colour and what comes with that? None other than the setting or theme of your dream day. And here at Kaizen Weddings we love colour, so we’ve picked a few of our favourites going into this year. In this regard one such colour scheme is that of those modern neutrals. Within this, you have quite muted colours, but certainly no less impressive such as pinks, greens, blues, greys and creams. They are perfect for giving your wedding that chilled out, modern approach. These colours would be perfect for those of you who are thinking of getting married in those cooler autumn or winter months, as they will blend in perfectly to the frosted grass or the autumn coloured leaves.

Pantone is here

If you would maybe prefer a more enchanted feel to your wedding, then using Pantone Colour of the 2017, Greenery is certainly one way to go. This colour may have been around for a year, but it certainly isn’t going anywhere and is great, as it can be paired with a whole host of colours, such as deep reds and golds and even lighter colours such as pinks or blues. This is perfect for those couples that fancy the idea of an outdoor reception, perhaps being held at night, as what really sets this colour scheme off is candle light. The soft golden glow will look exquisite bouncing back of the greens and the reds, providing you with that enchanted, mysterious and forrest feel for you big wedding day.


Following on from the greenery colour scheme, one trend we have seen take its rise, is the inclusion of foliage and forestry within wedding design, from invitations to table settings. Foliage has become especially popular, as it can add to the outdoor/garden feel of a wedding that couples are beginning to opt for. As well as this, there is a lot you can do with it, from hanging decorations, to bell jars as table settings, including perhaps your favourite flower. One aspect of this design, that while not as popular is certainly on the rise, is the use of pressed flowers on wedding invitations, instead of illustrations. This helps to keep everything in line and gives of that really authentic feel to you wedding, from the very beginning.  

Clean and Minimalist

Another wedding design trend that we have begun to notice here at Kaizen Weddings is how couples are beginning to opt for a clean and minimalist look. Instead of opting for the calligraphic writing or fancy designs, couples have begun to take it back a little, using just plain background, with only a little bit of design and writing on the front. This design is certainly in keeping with what has been going on in the rest of the design world, but certainly isn’t lost at weddings at all. It helps to keep your invitations clean, while also staying elegant. However, one major advantage s the fact that it doesn’t tie you down to one particular theme. If you have went with a minimalist invitation, you don’t have to decide there and then what theme or colour scheme you want to go with, meaning you are free to look at venues and possibly change your mind with a few ideas going.

At Kaizen weddings, we certainly hope we’ve been able to help with what we’ve told you today, even if we are offering just a little bit of inspiration, to make your wedding day truly yours. With that in mind, if you need any help when it comes to your wedding stationery, why not give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or get us on our contact form? Our excellent team are always willing to help the next couple have their dream day