3 Effective Tips to Get More Customers Post Covid: Kaizen Print Enniskillen

Fresh out of lockdown and ready to GROW? Here at Kaizen Print Enniskillen, we’ve gathered our top tips to help you engage with customers and get your business back on track sooner!

Offer a warm Enniskillen welcome Post Covid

This may seem obvious especially here in Fermanagh, but it’s important that you take steps to reach out to your customers.

Over the course of the pandemic our shopping habits have been disrupted and many customers have been forced to find new ways to shop for what they need and new places to spend their time.

To rebuild loyalty and establish new relationships will require a proactive approach, so be prepared to help guide clients to your business.

Eye-catching window posters or beautiful printed flyers are both great ways to remind customers who you are. Use this opportunity to share new product lines, services or offers and inform them of any improvements your business has made during lockdown.

Pro-tip Customers are looking for new experiences that they couldn’t enjoy during lockdown. Think of the doors reopening as a ‘new start’. Use this opportunity to move your business forward, get your customers excited to return while helping new customers find you!

Post Pandemic Customers want to feel safe

As we learn to live with Covid 19, safety and prevention measures will continue to be a feature in our day to day lives. Customers want to know how you are protecting them through this time of change and will be drawn to businesses where this is clearly communicated.

If your business involves close contact interaction then a simple yet effective way to support your staff and customers is to provide clear and professional social distancing signage in your work place.

Affordable and versatile options are available to suit all business types with solutions ranging from vinyl stickers for door or window, anti-slip floor stickers for hard surfaces as well as posters and signage of all shapes and sizes.

Professional Covid safety signage provides clear cues for your staff and customers to follow and can even be fully customised to fit with your branding!

Pro-tip When staff and customers are confident and comfortable in your care they will return more frequently and share their positive experience with others.

Stand out from the crowd post Covid

Whether your business operates online or on Townhall St, this is a great time to get in touch with your local printer and look at new ways to connect with your clients.

You will be surprised by just how affordable printing services in Enniskillen are and by the incredible range of products available to make your idea reality.

If you spend a lot of time on the road, magnetic signs make fantastic mini billboards for your car or business vehicle and are incredibly cost-effective promotion for your business.

If you are a craft maker or artisan supplier, custom labels are a simple yet effective way to update your packaging game and achieve a boutique feel your customers will love.

Think the humble business card is stale and tired? Think again.

A custom designed business card is a great way to deliver a big impact and show personality. Double your business card as a loyalty or appointment card and take the opportunity to get creative with design and colour.

Pro-tip Great branding and marketing is all in the details. Take every opportunity to stand out from the crowd and connect with your customer in inventive ways to grow your business.

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