Is print advertising worthwhile in 2021?

As our modern audience has shifted online so too has advertising focus, but does this mean the end, or is print advertising worthwhile in 2021?

We’ve taken a look at the recent stats and figures and the results may surprise you…

Print advertising is memorable

Did you know that latest studies estimate that the average consumer is estimated to encounter between 6’000 and 10’000 ads on a daily basis? The vast majority of these are seen on digital platforms.

Yet how many of these messages do you remember?

As advertising messages continue to flood our favourite online platforms, the less effective they become and the better we consumers become at tuning them out.

The fact is we simply aren’t able to absorb and process all the messaging we are faced with online. It’s now incredibly difficult for brands to stand out and get noticed above all the noise.

Offline however our attention is more available to be engaged and less inundated with distraction.

A printed flyer dropped through your letterbox; a beautiful business card placed in your hand; finding a print ad in your local newspaper or seeing a banner in a shop window.

These examples of print advertising reach people with a much greater chance of getting your message seen and most importantly, remembered.

Print advertising is most trusted

In fact in a 2021 survey of consumers’ perceptions of digital and traditional print advertising, 42% said that they trust print ads when they’re making a purchase decision compared to just 10% who trust social media ads.

We’ve been burned by purchases misrepresented online and duped by unregulated sellers. We have learned not to trust everything we see online.

Print advertising however has been around forever and that tradition of trust has stayed with us. 

We associate print advertising with local businesses within our communities with fixed addresses and people to assist us. We see these ads in public spaces and we accept their messaging as authentic.

Whether it’s print brochures, leaflets or business cards; the beauty of traditional print advertising is the ability to build brand trust and authority.

Print Advertising Can Help you Tell Your Story

The story behind your brand is what sets you apart from your competition. However with user attention short and competition strong, communicating your story effectively online is no easy task.

Print advertising takes your options beyond the social media square with the opportunity to share your story and create personal connections throughout your working day.

From business cards to vehicle signage and pop up banners, there are versatile and achievable with options to suit all budget and business types. Think about how you can engage and delight your customers and show what makes your business different.

Print advertising is best for local

The best marketing strategy is the one that works for you. So if your audience is local to your geographical area, then print advertising may be more successful than digital campaigning.

Indeed, surveys have shown that 77% of millennial customers showed interest in print ads sent in the mail whereas only 50% paid attention to digital ads.

Print advertising remains a highly affordable and achievable method to reach your audience in their homes and communities with effective messaging.

So, is print advertising worthwhile in 2021?

Undoubtedly yes.

Print advertising offers versatile ways for you to connect with your ideal customer. By tailoring your ad strategy to engage with people offline through personalised messaging you can achieve highly effective campaigns.

If you would like to learn more about how to put print advertising to work for your business, check out our print advertising services or get in touch with our team at Kaizen Print Enniskillen.