What type of Calendars do we offer?

Here at kaizenprint.co.uk, we have been providing clients and customers with calendars for years, and will certainly continue to do so for as long as people want them! The reason being that we see calendars as being one of the most useful pieces of office stationery that you could possibly own, and want to make sure that other people see this as well. To emphasise our point, we don’t just offer one type of calendar for you to choose from, but 4! And while some of you might be purchasing all 4 types, others might currently be asking yourself “What is the right calendar for me?” Well today I’m going to write a bit about what types of calendars we offer, and make your purchase decision just that little bit easier!

Wall Calendar
The standard calendar, and the one that we all recognise. Wall calendars, like all of the types on this list are a great year round marketing tool. Printed on 6 double sided sheets or 170gsm paper, backed with 350gsm card, they are also sure to look as good at the end of the year as they did when you received them.

Aside from this however, they are also a great constant reminder of your brand for you clients and customers. But they don’t just have to be for clients or used in a business environment, as they can also be personalised towards someone closer to home, such as family and friends. A great way to do this could be including pictures of the family to be given out at Christmas. This is an excellent idea for a gift, especially if you have family living away from home, as I know how hard it can be to be away from family at that time of year, and it would be a great and thoughtful gift.

Year Planners
When you run a business, it is important that you can view all of the important dates throughout the year, allowing you to plan ahead, but also to make contingency plans if something else comes up, and sets your original plans off. A great way to do this, is through the use of a Year Round Planner, giving you every day, from every month all on one convenient page. Here at kaizenprint.co.uk we think that these are excellent pieces of office stationery as we are constantly using ours, as well as giving them out to our own customers year round, who think the same thing we do! We print our’s on 140gsm paper, as well as giving the option for them to be either single or double sided. The double sided is an excellent option, as it allows you to have an information page on the other side, such as including important prices of products or perhaps contact numbers. With this, it means you can give them to clients so they have a constant, yet unobtrusive reminder of your brand on their planner, as well as the important numbers and information on the other side.

Desktop Tent Calendars and Desktop Flip Calendars
Small, unobtrusive yet incredibly handy, desktop calendars are one of the smallest that you can get, but certainly no less effective. The two types that you can get are Tent Calendars and Flip Calendars, with the difference being the tent calendars allow you to view a couple of months on the one page, where as the flip calendars give you the view of one month per page. These little calendars are highly popular here at kaizenprint.co.uk, with many of our customers request theirs in early November time. They are the perfect way to make sure that your brand is front and centre on your clients desk, without taking up too much space, yet affording them the ability to keep track of their day to day. As well as this however, with the Flip Calendars you are afforded the luxury of being able to include some words of wisdom or important information for you clients, again such as phone numbers and product information.

Hopefully with this article, we have been able to help you decide which type of calendar is right for you. If you need any help with you calendars we are more than happy to help, either with design or print. If you need design, you can contact our design team on our contact form or give us a call on 028 9002 2474. If it is our print services that you require, you can also contact us here, via our contact form.