Why Booklets Are An Effective Marketing Tool

Here at kaizenprint.co.uk we love booklets, and with printing hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of booklets, we’d even go so far as to say we are experts. We know for many, that utilising booklets for their marketing can seem daunting due to the work involved and the investment in design and print. We use booklets in all of our sales and marketing efforts. They are one of the best marketing tools that you will ever find, or come across, even in this world of digital media. Today, we’re going to help you decide if booklet printing is right for your business or organisation. We believe it is!

Quality and Quantity of Information

To begin with, booklets have the ability to contain a substantial amount of information, that might otherwise have be lost on a website or social media.. Think of booklets as your second salesperson. They tell clients – both old and new – everything you couldn’t or forgot to say in a first communication, but now that they have a little more time, they can read everything else at their own pace, and really get a sense of who you are and what exactly it is that your business does. When you hand someone a booklet and they read it, you have a captive audience. You can decide the visual look and feel and present your sales message in a clear and unobstructed format away from distraction. Make sure you identify your opportunity for sale or your key goal of producing a booklet. Identifying this goal will ensure you understand what success of this project looks like and the content must fit this clearly.

Print Quality

When a booklet is printed on great quality card stock, with a perfect print finish and a fantastic looking design on the cover, clients will take notice, as everybody appreciates quality. They will want to pick it up and read it, just so they can admire the quality some more, going so far to tell their business partners about it, not just because what you have put in it was good, but because the booklet itself immediately made them think of quality, and immediately. As well as this, because of the high quality you have chosen, prospective clients and business partners won’t throw your booklet away, meaning if it’s 1 month or 5 years down the line, they will have your it, and all the information about your business when they need it.

Make it personal

Keeping with the theme of having a physical object in their hands, giving a client a booklet will be far more personal than sending them to your website or social media channels. For example, in this day and age when everybody has access to a smartphone, the internet and social media are only a few taps away, anybody can access and view your online presence, meaning clients may very well feel a little disappointed or let down that they made the journey to your show or had you come in for a meeting, and all they got at the end was your URL. However, if you hand them a booklet, this feeling disappears very quickly, and they are left with a feeling of remembrance about you. Even if there are 10 clients in the meeting, the fact that you have handed them all a booklet on your business means it’s still personal, as that is their booklet, their guide to the information they seek. What stems from this is an instant place in their memory from you, as some time later they will need a business like yours, and will remember that they have YOUR booklet, not your competitors URL.

Cost Effective

Finally, a great reason to use booklets as a marketing tool, that is often more beneficial to you than it is to clients, is the fact that they are incredibly cost effective. We know a thing or two about cost effective printing here at kaizenprint.co.uk, and you can trust us when we say that booklets are one of the most cost effective yet powerful marketing tools you can have. For example, most printing quantities for booklets come well into 100 or 200. Just think how many potential clients that is seeing the information that you want them to. They are going straight into the hands of the people you want them to, all the while not costing you or your business a fortune.

Hopefully by now, you are in agreement with us that booklets are absolutely fantastic for marketing purposes, and on that note ff you are in need of some booklet printing at only the highest quality, why not give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or if it’s more convenient contact us here on our contact form and we can show you just how great booklets are, for a amazing price.