What not to do when designing Christmas Cards

Usually the design on Christmas Cards is pretty good. You’ll get the standard ones that keep things simple and then the ones that add a little bit of humour to them. However, every now and again, some cards will creep in which are just plain bad. More often than not, these are ones that people have designed themselves. Within this article, we are going to let you in on some tips if you plan on designing your own cards this year, so that yours can sit proudly on someone’s mantle, instead of being pushed all the way to the back.

Don’t be cheesy

Sometimes when people are coming up with their own Christmas Cards, they can get “Funny” mixed up with “Cheesy”. This does not usually end well. It’s perfectly okay to want to add some humour to your Christmas Cards, plenty of other people do it and do it well. However, one thing not to do is become cheesy with what you are putting on there, and I have a feeling you will know what I’m talking about, the families in their matching jumpers, and very badly photoshopped features. Believe it or not there is a line there between funny and cheesy, so be sure not to cross it.

Don’t be vulgar

Christmas is a time of joy and being with family, and trying your very, very best to be nice to one another. Despite this, the last thing anyone wants when they open a Christmas Card is to be cursed at or insulted in anyway. Again, some people tend to get this confused with comedy. It can be funny when done right and subtly, but just being vulgar for the sake of it, isn’t a good thing.

Check your spelling

The main feature, aside from the design you have put on your Christmas Cards is the text that goes with them. That is why it is vitally important that before you finalise everything, you check your spelling. Afterall you don’t want the only thing anyone sees to be the glaring typo on the front of the card. As well as this however, it’s a good idea to write a draft of what you want to say on some blank paper, making sure that everything is right, so you can then copy this, especially if you are handwriting them all. The last thing you want is to get to the end before realising you made the same mistake on all of them.

Avoid leaving White Spacing

When creating your Christmas Cards, you want them to big, bright and easily viewable by those that are being given them. Part of achieving this is making sure that they cover the whole of the card you are using, and not leaving any white spacing around the edges, unless it is needed for something. White spacing can just make pictures look small, and like something else should be there, like something else is missing, and this isn’t what you want people to be thinking when looking at your card.

We hope that this article has helped you steer clear of any embarrassing moments when creating your Christmas Cards this year, and instead they will be the best looking ones around! However, if you are in a pickle and haven’t got anywhere to print them, why not let us help you out a little further? We would be more than happy to help! Just give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or get us by email via our contact form.