Are Christmas Cards still relevant?

Someone asked me the other day “What do you think of Christmas Cards? Do you even still send them?” Immediately my answer was “Yes, of course!” But this question got me thinking, “Surely everyone does?” So I began to ask more friends and family, and discovered that, even though the majority of people were like myself, there were some that didn’t think it was necessary to send Christmas Cards anymore. I was a little shocked by this, and could only think why? In response to this, I felt it was a good time to write and hopefully help people realise that Christmas Cards are still as relevant today as they ever were.

I think there’s just something exciting about writing Christmas Cards. For me it always signalled the beginning of the Christmas Holidays, one of the first things that we always did. Getting everyone sorted, from family, to close friends, to cards for classmates and the address book made it’s annual Christmas appearance. As a family we spent the night together writing them and making sure we had everybody we needed to, especially as I was younger. It may be something small but it’s definitely something that brings everyone together at the beginning of the festive period, and gets everyone in the Christmas mood, and who wants to loose that?

Aside from that however, it’s also the fact that Christmas Cards are physical. When you receive one, you rip open the envelope, and have to touch the card when opening it. But that’s what is great about them. This makes them so much more personal. It might be easy to send someone a Facebook message or a text message on Christmas Day. But what are the chances that they read or even look at this message more than once? What are the chances that they actively show other people the message that they receive? Likely very low, however the chances of this happening rise exponentially with Christmas Cards. When someone receives a Christmas Card, one of the first things they will do is pass it around for the rest of their family to see and read, before it proudly goes on display, either on the mantel or in a specific Christmas Card holder. With them being here, they are in the perfect position for everyone who happens to call round to see them. From there, you can show them off even more to extended family, especially if they happen to humerous. The same cannot necessarily be said for sending a message, or one that you might receive.

Apart from all of that however, one very obvious reason is if you are crafty or arty in anyway. It’s a serious chance for you to show of your skills, and have the best looking Christmas Cards around. There is so much that you can do if you decide to create your own christmas cards, from arts and crafts related, to really getting into the photography and using your own images. But as well as this, just like the writing of the christmas cards, it is something that bring a family together at Christmas, and is especially good if you have young children. Get them involved in making them, and even let them make their very own. It would be great for them to be able to give their very own Christmas Card to a grandparent or aunt or uncle, and really drives home the personal touch and one of the biggest parts of christmas.

I do hope that after reading this article you will feel the same way the rest of us here at about Christmas. We love them, and love sending them. And we don’t see them going out of fashion anytime soon. They are part of Christmas, a tradition, and we certainly think it would feel just a little less special if they went away.

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