Website Design for Jeanette Kidd

Jeanette Kidd Day Spa Lisburn

Beauty & Day Spa Web Design

Based in Railway Street, Lisburn, Jeanette Kidd Beauty and Day Spa has an unrivalled reputation for luxurious treatments and unrivalled customer service within the beauty industry. Because of our work ethos, it was only natural that we worked together on the rebranding of the salons website, while updating their brand identity in the process.

The initial Jeanette Kidd website was in their own words, ‘a little tired’ and didn’t allow the management team any opportunity to update, maintain and grow their site through new content, images and blog posts. During our initial preparation stages, we were able to show the management what successes blogging brings through this very blog and through customer examples like Belle Dress Hire (Formal Dress Hire Belfast) who has gained a significant market share in only a year through her sound fashion advice for ladies attending formals and those who just want to keep up with the latest trends.

User Experience

We reviewed the user experience of the Jeanette Kidd website and utilised the wealth of fantastic professional photographs that had been commissioned for this project. A little tip for all you guys embarking on a website revival…Great photography makes a great site! We always advocate that content is king, but many people fail to remember that images are content too. We’d love custom images for every project, as not only will it make your site unique but photos draw peoples attention and coerce them into interacting with your site. Speaking of content, we totally updated the site with fresh new optomised content, specific to the needs and requirements of a beauty salon.

Accessible Web Design

We wanted to make the text uncomplicated and welcomed users with open arms. As part of our brief from the Jeanette Kidd management, we were instructed that the RNIB audit the site for access and usability. The use of the site by blind and partially sighted is quite common and the team wished to ensure this functionality was retained. We went the extra mile on this ensuring discussion into font choices, ability to select different sizes and that all fonts we deemed accessible. We have just received word that the RNIB have approved the site, which is a great success on all parts.

The website went live this week and we are absolutely over the moon, you can visit it at and if you are interested in some web design of a similar high standard, of course you can chat to us. Next up for the Jeanette Kidd team is the change of all their flyers and internal marketing posters to ensure the new brand is brought right through the company.