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Who uses wall planners? 

With the year’s end comes the ritual of many households and offices: getting new appointment books, wall planners or calendars to hang on walls or put on desks.

In an age of smartphones and the internet, you might think the days of paper calendars are numbered. However, data would suggest otherwise. Not only have they survived the digital revolution, but sales of some kinds of print calendars have increased.

While we all have calendars we can access on our phones, or via our work emails, or project management platforms, ultimately there is something about physically writing key dates down on a wall planner that just makes it seem more permanent and less likely that you will forget about. 

Who uses wall planners and for what purpose?

Wall planners are used by all types of people in all kinds of different job roles as a means of keeping on top of key tasks and priorities. 

Team Managers

Team managers need to know who is on their team for upcoming shifts that week. By keeping a close visual of who is working they can ensure that all shifts are accounted for and that they are fully staffed for the days ahead. 

Office Executives

Office Executives have numerous deadlines that they need to meet. By having a visual reminder of their key dates, they can ensure that they are not dropping the ball on any of these tasks. 

Warehouse Operatives

Like team managers, warehouse operatives may need to know who is working particular shifts that week. They’ll also want to know when deliveries will be coming in so that they can keep a track of their stock levels. 


As with warehouse managers, chefs need to know when their produce deliveries are due to arrive. This allows them to ensure their kitchen is running efficiently and that everything on the menu is always readily available. 


Just like their students, teachers need to know which classes they need to prepare for and what age groups they can expect to be teaching on that day. By having a wall planner next to them, it can be handy reminder of what they can expect from the day ahead.


With all the coming and going and strange and changing shift patterns that nurses work with, keeping a track of shift patterns can be a daunting task. A wall planner can be a god-send.


Whether you are a supplier of wholesale food, stationary, or high quality printed materials like us here at Kaizen Print, you’ll want to ensure that you are on top of all of your deliveries to clients. A wall planner is a great way to remind yourself of those key dates. 

So who uses wall planners and what do they use them for?

wall planner printing - kaizen print

Well… you probably do! Most of us at one time or another has found a need for a wall planner, whether it’s for reminding yourself of key dates that you have jotted down to meet people, for meeting business deadlines, or for personal use at home to juggle all of those responsibilities while you’re on the go, whatever it is, everyone can make use of a good wall planner. 

For those of us who do rely on wall planners, we also rely on them heavily. More or less every day you will jot something new down, and certainly every day you will look at it to make sure that you are on top of all your tasks. And this is why it’s a great tool to keep front of mind for your clients and customers. If you brand and gift wall planners to your clients and customers, they’ll be greeted by you in a non-obtrusive and helpful way on a daily basis – not a bad way to be remembered!

If you’d like to find out more about how you can benefit from branded wall planners you can visit our year planners page, get in touch via our contact form, or call us on 02890022474.