Using roller banner stands in nightclubs

We know nightclubs. Not just as patrons but as marketers looking to ensure the nightclub experience is second to none and that our customers leave wanting more. Often enough, our roller banners are shipped right round the country to events and club nights focusing on creating photo walls that can become the backdrop for the many thousand club photos are taken on a given night.

It’s no use ordering roller banners only for them to sit in a corner and not being used. Or worse sitting in the office completely unused. We’ve spoken to many of the nightclub marketers we work with and they’ve given us these top tips for making sure your roller banners are utilised to the best of their ability and really maximise your marketing spend.

The 5 top tips for using a roller banner in a nightclub are:

  • Keep your design simple
  • Location is key
  • Make sure there is sufficient light
  • Hire a professional photographer
  • Make your photos available on social media

Keep your design simple

Unlike designing roller banners for use in commercial settings, roller banner design for nightclubs is more akin to the photo walls seen at football matches and sporting events. Using your logo and that of key sponsors, create staggered and repeated logo rows. This ensures that every photo will have an array of the correct logos shown, regardless of the height of those in or taking the photos.

It’s prudent to use a white background with full colour logos. This contrast is perfect for photos in dark settings such as nightclubs. The alternative of a dark background blends into the darkness and also the foreground causing less punchy photography.

Location is key

“Place near the entrance but not in the way” is one of the key bits of advice our marketing advisors have suggested. It’s easy to get party goers for a photo early in the night as opposed to later in the evening. By keeping your roller banner close to the entrance you can cajole customers from the entrance to the photo area in one small swoop. Ensure to keep the roller banners away from windy conditions as they are suited only to indoor locations. But apart from that, there’s little that can happen in use.

Make sure there is sufficient light

We know nightclubs aren’t meant to be bright places, but if you want to engage with your customers during and after their visit, then you’ll need to have an adequately lit location or locations to place your roller banner stands. A couple of downward lights or lights from the bar area should be more than sufficient. However do take plenty of test shots in all manner of conditions. With the lights on full, with them off and with people taking selfies all round you. This way you’ll be able to perfectly set up the lighting for every eventuality.

Hire a professional photographer

This one is a pro-level tip! Every marketing manager and nightclub owner we spoke to identified a professional photographer as the key factor in people wanting the nightclub photos they took at each of their events. It’s all well and good having someone with a camera take snaps of partiers, but a real professional photographer will know how to and then get the best shots possible. The crux of their work doesn’t just happen at the nightclub, but back at home when they post-edit the photos. This is the real test of great nightclub photography.

Make your photos available on social media

Sounds simple, but many nightclubs don’t share their photos on social media. Or if they do, its weeks after the event. There’s nothing so mortifying than waking up after a heavy night only to see you’re tagged in a hundred photos by your friends. This alone shows the shareability of photos from nightclubs. Ensure your brand is always at the forefront of these photos with our roller banner media walls. You’ll get huge awareness through viewing of the photos and the sharing from your nightclubs’ page long into the future.

Our roller banners are perfect for use in nightclubs and we print hundreds of them for bars, nightclubs and club nights all across the country. If you want to order your roller banner from then you can do so by visiting our roller banner page or by calling our team on 028 9002 2474. If you are looking some roller banner inspiration, we have been collecting some of the fantastic work our team have produced for clients over on our facebook page. We’ll be showcasing this across the whole of January and February. If you see a roller banner you like, please don’t hesitate to connect with our social media team.