How to pick the right roller banner printer

Buying roller banners online is not the easiest task for those uninitiated with printing. In fact, even many of the experienced designers we work with on a daily basis, still pick up the phone and call us to make sure they have the exact specification and file type to ensure perfect roller banner printing each and every time. For the small business owner, the marketer or those who’ve just not bought a roll up banner before, we’ve created these very easy steps to follow. This will ensure you pick the right roller banner printer, each and every time, whether online or on the high street.

We understand that even reading this guide may not cover all the questions you have and so if you want to speak to any of our team about a possible roller banner order, you can email us via the contact us page. we’d be delighted to help out in any which way we can.

Picking the right roller banner printer

There are four things we suggest to look for when choosing the right roller banner printer:

  • Experience
  • Customer service
  • Speed of turn around
  • Cost


There are many online printers who simply pass your order on to third parties and only process your artwork. This outsourcing works for many products such as diaries and pens, however a roll up banner requires special knowledge of print finishing and experience in large format printing. So much so that we never would advocate using a third party printer or print reseller in this matter. In the event something went wrong, you’d be delighted to speak to an experienced company.

With this in mind at the products they sell and ensure they have a wide range of large format offerings not just roll up banners. These may include foamex, correx, PVC banners and all matter of very large graphics.

Customer Service

Again working with online printers especially those who sell roll up banners you want to be assured that you will get the same level of customer service that you would from a print company down the street. At we pride ourselves on unrivalled customer service, for customers right across the UK and Ireland, but especially those in Belfast. It is with dedication to quality and an understanding of the challenges a small business undertakes, we as a company value customer service above all else. With this in mind, we stand over every product we sell and offer the Kaizen Promise as our guarantee to you.

Speed of turnaround

The olden days of digital printing (about 10 years ago), roll up banners could have taken weeks to print, finish and distribute to clients. With the advent of new large format digital printing technology, we can print and trim a roller banner in minutes rather than hours, the speed of turn around for a premium roller banner in 2017, is usually 24 to 48 hours. Add on to that the courier time to your location. Using a local printer like, you can often hurry the process along when required to receive a same day roll up banner print. In instances when we can provide a service for a client, we are absolutely delighted and know the positive impact that makes for their business. We understand that it’s not just a roll up banner to you, but a sales tool, a marketing tool, and an opportunity for you to grow your business.

Cost of a roller banner

It would be ignorant of us did not realise the cost is a determining factor on the purchase of a roller banner. However the cheapest cost is not always the best value. You’ll see from our website, that we only offer one style of roller banner. This is far from the cheapest online and we make no apologies about it. Our premium roller banner is the only option we would ever provide. We could supply low quality cheap roller banners that might serve a purpose. But a year from now, we and you would regret that purchase.

When deciding whether or not you want a cheap roller banner or a good value slightly more costly roll-up banner, ask yourself do you want a banner to last for the short term or Long term. And if you decide you want to choose our premium roller banner, you can order this online on our Roller Banner page or by contacting us on 028 9002 2474.