Using Booklet Printing for your Marketing Strategy

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If you’re not using booklet printing for your marketing then you’re missing out. Booklets are an often underrated marketing option. Booklet printing has a number of great advantages for marketers that include the opportunity to;

  • Give customers a tangible connection with your brand
  • Present beautiful imagery and photographs
  • Generate greater brand recall 
  • Build a more personal connection with your audience
  • Give an impression of a higher quality product or service
  • Allow more time and space for content and imagery
  • Provide cost effectiveness: Booklets offer fantastic ROI

Give customers a tangible connection with your brand


Unlike marketing options or channels available online, booklets have the advantage of bringing a tangible physical connection with your brand. Rather than simply looking at your brand on a screen, having a booklet to hold and to present to others is a fantastic means of communicating your product and service in a way that really drives home the message that you are trying to get across. 

Present beautiful imagery and photographs

If you work in an industry that relies on imagery to sell your product or service, you may work in the travel sector or for an estate agent for instance, then providing a booklet is a fantastic way of really showing off exactly why the product or service you provide is so great. When it comes to winning over your audience, glossy pages with rich imagery can really be a key selling point that pushes that sale over the line. 

Generate greater brand recall 

It has been proven that printed materials increase brand recall. While customers may scan over content online and are more likely to forget your brand amidst the sea of competitors also fighting for space, by providing a booklet you have the opportunity to really own the reader’s attention for 5 minutes at the very least. Your customers will remember the content within your booklet and your brand message will come across loud and clear. 

Build a more personal connection with your audience

There’s nothing quite like a piece of printed advertising material to really make a connection with an audience. While online content can sometimes come across as being a little distant and impersonal, giving your customers something real to hold on to and to read tells them that you are a brand worth investing their time and energy into.

Give an impression of a higher quality product or service


While printed booklets are great for all kinds of different businesses, they are particularly effective if what you have to sell tends to cost a little more or represents more of an investment to your customers. By providing your customers with a printed booklet you are essentially telling them that what you have to sell is high quality and not disposable or untrustworthy. A beautifully presented and smartly laid out brochure will tell your customers that you are serious and professional in your approach to the product or service that you provide. 

Allow more time and space for content and imagery

Booklet printing is a great marketing option if what you have to say requires a little more detail and in-depth discussion. Customers typically spend more time reading booklets and will engage with the content in more depth and detail. If you work as a B2B supplier for instance you may have content and information that is of value to your audience that requires a little more insight and discussion. Or you may have a more complex product that needs more time to explain exactly what the benefits are. For whatever reason you may want that additional time and space to develop and explain what you have to offer, by using a printed booklet to do the job for you, you are taking advantage of a highly effective means of communication with your customers.  

Provide cost effectiveness: Booklets offer fantastic ROI 

Booklets can offer be considered to be an expensive option when it comes to marketing. This needn’t be the case however. While booklets require an initial outlay when it comes to expenditure, ultimately they can offer a fantastic return on investment. And when compared with the costs that marketers are required to get noticed online (i.e. when it comes to PPC or social media advertising), then booklet printing starts to look like the most cost-effective option. 

From a marketing point of view it is wise to weigh all of your options before dismissing booklets from your plan. Booklets are a fantastic means of winning over your audience and have many unique selling points that can really make a difference when it comes to your marketing strategy.

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Once you have decided that booklets are the best option for you and your marketing plan, you can check out our booklet printing page. We have a fantastic selection of different booklet printing options and finishes. Whether you’re after and A4 booklet or an A5 booklet a gloss or matt finish, we have everything you need to produce a stunning booklet to help you increase sales and keep your customers happy. 

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