Tips for designing your Calendars

Calendars are one of the most important pieces of stationery that you can own, whether it is in the office or at home. They are useful for more than just telling us the date, such as being able to write notes and reminders down for important dates and appointments, or giving us snippets of information that we might find handy, such as phone numbers or websites. It can even be the simple things, such as small motivational messages to start your day that can be placed on them.

In this regard, it is important that your calendar looks good. To begin with, if it doesn’t no-one is going to buy it. Nobody wants to buy a bland and boring calendar, especially when they have to look at it for a full year! As well as this however, as nice as it must look it must be clean and simple to use. I’m sure you’re wondering how a calendar could not be simple to use, but you wouldn’t believe some of the ones I have seen, where they have tried to be quirky, but it ends up just being messy and confusing.

With that in mind, this article today is hopefully going to give you some tips for designing your calendars, if you have decided to go down the bespoke route this year.

Easy Viewing

I definitely think this is the most basic design principle to start with, as those that have acquired your calendars are going to be looking at them. This means the overall design, not yet including the information that you might put on it has to be clean and easy to view. This means no garish colours that are going to put a strain on the eye. Something that is clean will work well here, as you don’t want the design to take away from what is the important parts of your calendar, which is undoubtedly the information written on them. What you want is for the design to accentuate it, helping everything to flow and come together.

Perfectly Readable Fonts

Second only to the overall design for one of the most important aspects, is the font or perhaps fonts that you use throughout. This needs it be clean and clear as well, as what good is a calendar if people can’t read what it says? Most fonts will be absolutely fine in this respect, however it is better to keep them the way they are intended to be, instead of trying to do something different, such as having them loop through one another. While it may look nice, why take the risk of someone missing and important date because they couldn’t read it properly.

Do something nice

The general layout for calendars, especially wall calendars is usually the same. The bottom part houses the dates, etc and the top part is usually left for a picture, such as if you buy a football calendar it might have one of your favorite players. In this sense, why not take some queues from this when designing your own? There is so much you can do with this. For example if you are creating personal calendars, why not include some family photos from the previous year? This way when relatives look at it, each month they will be reminded of something great that happened in the previous year. Another great idea might be if you are a photographer. Use this space to include some of your best work. This way, if you began to sell your calendars at markets and stalls, you may very well get noticed by the right person. There is so much scope for what you make use of this space for, so make sure to do so.

Hopefully this article has helped a bit in letting you know some of the best tips when designing your own calendars. In that regard, if you have done so and are now looking for somewhere to get them printed, why not give us a call on 028 9002 2474? Or alternatively get in contact via our contact form as we would be more than happy to help you out!