Creating a Calendar for a good cause

We use calendars for so much everyday, and probably sometimes without actually realising it. They help us to remember the important dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries or appointments we might have, right down to the smaller things, like picking up that package after work and putting the right bins out.

As well as this, we’ve probably all be given one or two at Christmas a few times in our lives, and possibly even gotten free ones with magazines or other products we might buy. It’s a way for those companies to say thank you, for being a loyal customer or even just for buying the product in general.

However, making your own calendar doesn’t have to be solely for companies and organisations to do, as you can do it too. And one great way to do this, or rather to do it for is creating your own to sell and raise money for a good cause, such as a charitable organisation. By doing this, it gives you some leeway in what type of calendar you can create, such as adding some humour to it and getting your family, friends and work colleagues involved in the process. This would be an especially good idea if there is someone close to you who unfortunately suffers from something, or has passed due to something. As well, it could be a good idea to do it as a surprise for a work colleague who might be going through a similar situation. You could get the rest of the office together, create the calendar and sell it, then surprise the colleague with the raised money to go towards whatever charity they choose.

A great place to start for this, is putting yourselves in the calendar. You’ve probably heard of them being done before, where people set themselves up and they become the model for a certain month. Now we aren’t saying that you have to pose in the nude or risque positions for this, far from it! No it can be something as simple as dressing up in funny costumes, such as animal ones perhaps if you have decided to raise money for an animal organisation. In reality there is so much that you can do here, and it’s just up to you!

However, if you aren’t all that comfortable with putting yourself in the calendar, you can always make it a solo project, which would be great if you are an artist or a photographer. With this you can create art pieces, or go out and do a photoshoot somewhere and put these images in the calendar. That way, there is still something worthwhile in there, and it might also lead to more opportunities and give you the confidence for you to sell your art or photos for a good cause in the future, for example setting up your own gallery or exhibition to sell your work.

There are plenty of ways that you can raise money for a good cause, and making your own calendar is definitely quite an inventive one! Here at, we always love to hear of other ways people have raised money for charity, as we do a bit for Cats Protection ourselves. If you’ve decided that making your own calendar is the way you’d like to do it, then let us help make it a little easier, as we would be more than happy to print it for you. To do so, just give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or send us an email via our contact form.