The Key Elements Every Letterhead Should Have!

Letterheads have become more than mere paper and stationery. Letterheads offer a visual demonstration of a firm to its clients, and hence, it is crucial to design a letterhead with subtle visuals and accurate information.

Designing a letterhead is similar to designing an ID card. A professional letterhead contains the essential components of a company. However, the main elements of a letterhead must include-

  • Name of the company.
  • Logo or slogan of the company.
  • General contact details of the company.

Company’s Name

  • No one would waste their time reading an anonymous letterhead. Also, a nameless letterhead is equivalent to a plain piece of paper. It is needless to say that adding a company or a business name on the letterhead is one of the essential components of a letterhead.
  • Putting the company’s name on a letterhead proves that the business exists and not just the mere introduction or an on-paper presence.
  • The best way to position the name of a company on letterhead is at the top of the letterhead. This type of positioning gives the reader a better and clear idea that they have received a business letter from “this” company. It also helps them to take a vague notion about the company or organization.

Company Logo/Slogan

  • A well-made logo can make your business stand out and noticeable across the commercial communication if put at the strategic position on a letterhead. Again, the preferable area to insert the logo is at the top of the letterhead. However, it depends on the company to keep it above or beside their company name.
  • Some entrepreneurs use their logo as a watermark on a letterhead which is not a bad idea.
  • If you put the logo on the most dominating spot, it will stir up the branding for your company.

Contact Details

Providing contact information is one of the most critical aspects to communicate. So, wherever you go for letterhead printing, remember that the more details you provide on your letterhead, the more persuasive it will look from the client’s perspective. It is wise to group the contact details and place them on either side of the company’s logo or name.


  • Any company that exists for real will have a specific address. Also, it increases the authenticity of your company, and hence, including the address on your letterhead becomes essential.
  • It includes the company address that will also help you connect to the interested clients or other customers.
  • Also, include a postal address along with the firm’s registered physical address.

Website And email address

Since we live in a contemporary world revolutionized by electronic tools and commerce, you might remain behind the time if you do not consider including the website and email address on your business letterhead. In addition, a company must include its different social media handles and other details. However, adding an email address to your letterhead proves more convenient for overseas customers because they feel more secure, reliable, and easy to reach. 


Contact Numbers

  • It includes telephone, fax, and voice numbers.
  • You can also include the professional license digits together, if available. These details help people to contact you and resolve issues, make transactions, and much more.

Opt for strategic design-

Now that you have all the required information for the letterhead, it is now crucial to understand the strategic letterhead design and positioning. If your letterhead does not have a strategic arrangement, gathering all the information might not create the right impact. Therefore, it is crucial to figure out what critical designing elements your letterhead needs. 

Choose the accurate Typography!

  • While choosing the typography, considering a graphic designer’s advice would be mindful because the overall look depends upon the typography of your letterhead.
  • Choose typography that suits your brand. Typography has a wide range available, so you can easily choose from there. However, it can be an overwhelming task.

Keep Things Simple and Subtle!

  • You do not want to distract your readers but to provide them with accurate information about your company. Hence, letterhead developers should arrange the information in a way that gives nothing but an appealing look.
  • Also, most readers lose their focus if the letterhead has a too intricate design.
  • However, using a simple and subtle design instead of a sophisticated design will help you achieve your end goal.

Create a Fitting Hierarchy

This aspect of your design includes the positioning of different sections to show the importance. Creating a hierarchy is a consequential principle for any design. So, when you generate a perpetual hierarchy, people effectively recognize every piece of data & information, and they can differentiate between essential parts.   

To optimize the effectiveness of hierarchy-

  • Letterhead designers should arrange the key information at places that are convenient for the audience to read.
  • Keep the less shrewd data in such places that do not distract the readers from reading the key information. 

If you are looking for any help or more information on letterhead designing, we are always there for you. Feel free to contact us!