The In’s & Outs of Booklets

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Booklets are great.  There are many benefits to them and when designed, printed and used correctly, they can be highly beneficial.  However, you might be asking yourself: “what exactly is a booklet and why do I need them?”  Understanding what booklets are, exactly, and what they can be used for is important!  Be sure to consider the following information to help you understand what booklets are and what they can be used for.

>What are booklets?

>Why do I need booklets?

>What can booklets be used for?

What are booklets? 

Great, let’s begin with the basics.  Booklets are multiple page documents that are printed, trimmed, collated, cut and stitched with wire to create a finished booklet.

Why do I need booklets?

When it comes to booklets there are a few, very distinct things, that are unique and distinct about them.  

>First off, booklets have a lot more space and volume to them.  You can include a high density of information, images, graphs and even charts in them, whereas, with other types of marketing, like posters, your space is quite limited.  With booklets, you can really get across a wide range of information as well as a large amount of information, in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing way.

>Secondly, booklets are something consumers can take with them and keep.  These two aspects are really important.  Everything you’re trying to communicate to consumers, as well as your contact information, is something they can not only take a look at on the spot, but, they can also take it home for more review and continue to refer back to it in the future.  Therefore, the information you want to relay, and your contact information stays with them.  This is a super effective way to reach your audience and get your point across! 

What can booklets be used for?

Yet another great thing about booklets is the flexibility they offer.  Booklets can be used for a wide range of things and different purposes.  Let’s cover just a few basic ideas for booklets.

>New product advertisement- If you’re a business owner and your business has a new product, or entire line of products, a booklet is the perfect way to display and give information about your new merchandise!  This is especially true if you have an entire line of new products and you want to give in-depth information about it as well as showcase it in a flattering way.  You can give entire page spreads about each individual product, with images, charts, graphs—or all of the above!  

>Merchandise outline- If you’re looking to display your merchandise and basic information on your business then booklets are perfect for you!  You can display your merchandise options, with pictures in an in-depth and flattering way!  This way, consumers will know all about your business and what you have to offer in a page-by-page display!  

>A specific event- If your business is hosting a special sales event, or even an expo, a booklet can be a great way to provide your consumer base with information.  Additionally, if you’re, say, involved in a political election, or special event of some sort, using booklets to relay your information can be highly effective.  

We hope this article helped you to understand just what booklets are, why they’re important and a few simple, yet, effective ways you can use them!  Booklets are a great option and if you have further inquiries, don’t be afraid to reach out to us! If you want to order booklets for your business check out our booklet printing page, main page ( or get in touch with us via the contact page!