Folded Flyers – know your fold

folded flyer, paper stock, concertina, gate fold, trifold

Flyers are a great resource for businesses they’re a cost-effective way to get across short snippets of info, keeping costs low and engagement rates high. One way of making your flyer exciting is by introducing a neat little fold into the mix, making the information more digestible and exciting to read. When it comes to ordering your folded flyers there are one hundred and one options, here are a few of the most popular.

4-page fold

Simple and straightforward a four-page fold is one of the most basic folded flyers but this doesn’t mean it should be overlooked, this type of fold is simply an A-sized sheet that’s been creased down the middle, creating four separate pages. This type of fold is great for displaying information in a linear fashion, just like telling a story it’s easy to follow and contains a structured layout. When ordering online this fold is the default option.


Tri-folds are the most popular type of folded flyer, they consist of 2 creases making them at least six pages, here are some of the most popular forms of a trifold. Trifolds aren’t offered on our website so you will have to get in touch via the contact form if you wish to place an order.

6-page fold

A step up from the four-page fold the six-page fold has been creased into 3rd’s, (usually an A6 or A7) this creates a tiny little pocket pal, ideal for displaying lots of different information or lots of different points. These types of flyers are typically used at events.

Z fold

This is pretty self explanatory, the Z fold contains two centre creases and folds to resemble the shape of a Z. This type of fold is one of our most popular options due to it’s simplistic nature and is perfect for a wide range of uses.

C fold

The C fold is another one of our most popular types of folded flyers, it also featues 2 centre creases with either the top or bottom fold becoming the front of the flyer. This fold is just as popular as the Z fold and also has a wide range of uses, making it a great all round flyer.


A gatefold does what it says on the tin, opening like the gates to a mansion, this type of fold screams elegance and style. The page is creased in three so the two sides are both half the length of the centre panel, meaning when opened they pull open like two doors being simultaneously pulled revealing the centre panel which is where the key information or most engaging part of the flyer is usually situated. This type of flyer usually works better on a thicker paper stock.

Other folds

We’ve talked about di folds and tri folds but what if you require more folds? Fear not we also offer a number of other folded flyers that we offer.

Concertina fold

A concertina fold is named after the way it opens and shuts, similar to playing an accordion/concertina. It usually consists of 3 or more creases resulting in 8 or more pages. This folded flyer is ideal for being stored in a person’s pocket making it the ideal fold for displaying maps and keeping your flyer as small as possible.

Roll fold

A roll fold is creased in any amount you require then folded in on itself over and over again, creating a roll fold.

Added Extra’s

Sometimes you need something special to add to your folded flyer we have a number of options to give it that polished finish.


Using a clear circular sticker we are able to seal all our folded flyers keeping the contents such as adresses or phone numbers secure from private eyes as well as giving them a higher end more professional feel.


Sometimes compaines use parts of a folded flyer to contain a section to fill out, this might be for a comment card or perhaps an RSVP section using our duplo creaser we are able to perforate pages meaning they can be easily torn and returned.
Ordering a folded flyer? We would love to hear from you! And to top it all off ordering couldn’t be easier. Simply order online for any of our four page options or if you require something more bespoke we would love to hear about your request. Simply contact us via phone on 0289002474, email us at [email protected] or if you prefare face to face pop into our offices at 3 Jennymount Business Park, North Derby Street, Belfast. We look forward to hearing from you!