The best time to print and send your Christmas Cards

It’s nearly that time of year again; it’s time to think about writing and sending off your Christmas Cards. Usually this isn’t too much of a stressful operation, perhaps only if you have a list of 100 family and friends to send them to! However, maybe this year you’ve decided you want to do something extra special. You want to go that extra mile and you’ve decided to design your own Christmas Cards. This has just thrown a whole different curveball your way, You might be worrying about when you should start making them, as you don’t want to be too late nor too early. And then the same dilemma with getting them printed! Oh the horror!

But fear not! You have no need to worry! ‘Why?’ you might be asking? Well here at we know a thing or two about designing, printing and timing it all to perfection. It is what we do for a living after-all!

Obviously the time that you start printing your Christmas Cards is going to have a knock on effect on the time that you are able to send them. So in that regard we are firstly going to look at the best time to print your cards.

Here at, our Christmas Cards have a 4 day lead time on the printing of them, due to the delicate nature of them, as they are printed on 350gsm silk card and come provided with luxury white envelopes. This means that if you were to place an order for your Christmas Cards on a Monday, you would be looking to get them delivered or have them ready for collection on the Thursday of the same week. This is something to consider when getting your Christmas Cards printed through us. As well as this, you must bare in mind that we will have a lot of orders coming in for them as well. In that respect, we recommend that the best time to get them printed is early to middle November. This way, it gives you time to get them in, written and sorted ready for sending out to family and friends. As well as this however, we understand that sometimes you might want to make last minute changes to your design or perhaps the size of your Christmas Cards? By sending them away to be printed within this time, it also allows you some freedom of movement to make changes to your design, if you would like to do so. Meaning you can still have them printed and ready to go for sending at the same time frame.

In regards to sending them, here at, we highly recommend that you send your Cards away during the first two weeks in December, allowing a couple of extra days for those family and friends that liver further away. By sending them during this time, it allows ample time for them to arrive before Christmas, and also gives a little bit of allowance if there happens to be delays with postal services, such as due to bad weather. It means that your recipients will receive them and have the sitting proudly on display, and it saves you from embarrassment of them arriving late or perhaps not arriving at all!

Hopefully this article has been helpful in giving you an idea of both when the ideal time to print and send your Christmas Cards is this year! And here at, we are more than happy to help you get this process underway by printing your cards for you. To get started, either give us a call on 028 9002 2474 or get us by email via our contact form.